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Announce_ARC_701_11_28 09:35:43


After a detailed investigation of the matter by A.R.C. and the Administration Bureau, it has been confirmed that Daisy Brown of the Biotech Department is a core member of the anti-tech group known as Light. She was involved in a number of cases, including handing over a mech beast to Light, which led to the injuries of civilians; she assisted the organization in planting an explosive in an employee's personal belongings, as well as pretending to be an inspection official and sending malicious software to the Exploration Team. These are all criminal activities, of which A.R.C. has proof concerning her involvement.

Due to the serious nature of these crimes, and given the Administration Bureau's suggestions, A.R.C. has decided to terminate Daisy Brown from her position. The other member of the team, Gordon, has also resigned. Given these considerations, we have chosen to merge the Biotech Department with the Propulsion Research Department. We will reorganize the company in light of this and assign a new manager.

Lastly, Daisy Brown's crimes not only damaged A.R.C.'s reputation, it has scarred many victims in irreparable ways, and caused them to lose trust in us. As such, we promise to proactively increase safety measures and do our best to use technology to make the world a better place.

A.R.C. Spokesperson Leo Smith