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Bionic Mechanical Beast D003 Spec Sheet

Last Update 701_08_20

  • Body: 1.8m (Top of head) x 1.3m (Width of horns) x 2.5m (Including tail)
  • Weight: 0.7t
  • Max Load: 2.5t
  • Speed; Full Sprint/Gas Powered: 150km/h (220km/h)
  • Material: Ceramic Alloy
  • Main Equipment: Full sensory detection system (Deer horns) emergency gas powered accelerator (tail), nanometer incisors (front hooves)
  • Central Control System: Employs conscious simulation system that allows the mech beast to use survival functions, the outside environment, and emotional changes to automatically produce and carry out commands. The difference with traditional conscious systems is that it is set up in a massive action database and simulates the growth process of a real, biological nervous system.