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Date: 701_10_15 01:15 P.M.

The bionic mech beast D003 has been brought back by the Exploration Team. An analysis revealed some details worth noting. The NEX-9 electric shock bullets the team used caused minor damage to the exoskeleton, but the controller in its neck had burn marks around it that were inconsistent with the burns caused by these bullets. They appear to have been caused from the inside. After a more detailed inspection, a micro-device was found deeper in its neck, prohibiting a complete dispersal of energy from the controller. Mech beast energy system specialist Gordon noted that the micro-device had may have already reached the neural layer of the consciousness simulation system. If it is forcibly removed it may destroy the entire system. Currently, we are unable to perform an assessment of how complete a neural bypass repair would be. D003 also has an 18.9 cm rupture in its abdomen.

End of report.

Bionic Quadrupedal Mech Beast Researcher

Employee No. 6105, Daisy