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I know you probably won't get this voice message. Perhaps that's why I have the courage to say what I want to say. I'm so happy that I was able to meet you. Even though we didn't spend too much time together, even though I may have initially gotten close to you because of the data... that feeling is genuine.

During the eight years after my sister's death, it's almost like | was gradually losing myself, trapped in feelings of guilt and vengeance. I forgot that what I cared about was using technology to make the world a better place, and became nothing more than someone's puppet... It wasn't until I saw that you really believed the Ender virus data could help humanity, fully focused on analyzing the data, that I slowly started recalling the past... How I used to be... and why I started on this journey in the first place.

You're the one who saved me, Rin. I've thought about this a million times: If only I'd met you earlier, I wouldn't have strayed further and further off the path...

But no matter what, I'll never forget the time we spent together... Even though we probably won't see each other again, I'll be praying for you.

So... promise me you'll be happy. Farewell.