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A sleek, crisp design to match the signature kitty cat cutie - you guess it, the most famous consumer electronic series, Meowbot family has a new member! This time, we’ve made a bracelet that’s light and stylish, while still giving you all of the functions you expect from a Meowbot product. What’s more, the photo/video specs have been massively enhanced! Come and check out how awesome this cat can be!

  • Fitted with an MG-510 mini-lens , leaving you without burdensome equipment while still providing photos and videos that rival the pros!
  • Time display, scheduling, voice recording; the perfect assistant for work or school!
  • Enhanced personal file management, personalized storage spaces that can be encrypted for important data… Safety guaranteed!
  • Linked to the Weather System database, automatically interacts with your schedule to provides you with the most exact weather conditions!

All these perfect capabilities, compacted into a tiny little bracelet. How amazing is that!? Since its launch in N.A. 685, it’s received rave reviews from  the young kids of the day! Everyone’s saying “soooo adorable… and convenient!”. “Easy for kids to operate”, “there’s no way I could live without it now”! Statistics reveal that 92% of students are interested in this product and believe it will improve the quality of their studies!

To repay everyone for their support, this product is now on sale! Experts say the value you get from this product for its price is way better than other personal assistants out there! Buy the Meowbot bracelet and get your son or daughter a higher-quality more caring personal assistant!