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Rayark (the developer of Cytus and Cytus II) recently released Deemo II!


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I've never thought that us meeting was merely a coincidence.

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Bo Bo is a main character in Cytus II and is one of the 24 playable characters. He was released with the 3.4 update. Currently, Bo Bo has 18 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 50.


Notably, Bo Bo is not the girl depicted in the artwork (who is, instead, Rin), but is instead the animal flying next to her. However, Bo Bo's OS Logs do not focus on itself, but rather is uses as a plot device to explore the dynamics that Rin and Sagar have with the other members of Eagle-01, such as Alex, Bruno, Lucy, and later members of A.R.C. and a mysterious organization known as Light.

Bo Bo's story is instead told through some of Ivy's OS Logs. After finding it in a trap, Ivy attempts to hunt and eat it, but changes her mind and sets it free. Bo Bo is later found by Eagle-01, who saves it from its injuries and cages it. Ivy, mistaking them for poachers, attempts to set it free, but finds that they have bandaged its broken bones, and decides to flee upon the team seeing her. From there, Bo Bo is taken back to A.R.C. where it remains in the care of Rin.


Borlgidaans are extremely agile and very rare organisms which can only be found in the desolate forbidden areas. It is also noted that Borlgidaans are even more sensitive to human emotions than dogs and cats; this is evidenced in the story by his caring, inquisitive attitude towards others specifically Sagar and Rin.


Bo Bo Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
Firstborns SOTUI feat. Iris 4 8 14 175 2:28
Heliopolis Project Sherwin 4 7 12 140 2:42
IBUKI Analog digitaL 4 7 12 138 2:24
King of Desert Sync 3 6 12 100 2:09
NORDLYS Rigel Theatre feat.ミーウェル 4 8 13 134✝ 2:50
New Quest 3R2 3 5 12 122 2:11
Quinsialyn MYUKKE. 4 7 13 130 2:57
Snow Blossom yuritoworks. 4 8 13 140 2:22
TRinity saga Apo11o"比古保之"program ft.Sennzai 4 9 15 201 2:40
TSUBAKI 影虎。 3 7 13 180 2:23
The breath of the soul Ryo Arue 4 7 14 132 2:37
Tomb Robber TERU FOX 3 7 13 160-180 2:21
Vox Enchanted アマギセーラ 2 5 10 130 2:59
Äventyr GrandThaw / Rigel Theatre 4 7 12 132 2:40
バステット (Cytus II Edit) Jehezukiel 4 7 13 148 2:12
黎明-REIMEI- Tatsh 3 6 12 154 2:29
Bo Bo Marvelous Mix vol. 4 Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
End of fireworks MINEXO 3 6 11 140 2:02
神様と羊飼い テヅカ 4 8 13 127 2:02

Result Screen Quotes

"Ah! S-Sorry..." "Excuse me... I-I'm going to go check the analysis report..." "Um... If you need my help, feel free to ask." "I-I think it sounds great..." "Sounds amazing... Bo Bo, you think so too?" "Amazing... C-Could you show me how you performed the analysis?"
"U-Um... Could you please stop making noise?" "I... um... No, never mind..." "I th-think... this sounds different from what I remember..." "Even though it wasn't perfect, I still think it sounded great." “Waah! Sorry, I got lost in the music..." "Wah... the results of this analysis are perfect."
"It's my fault. I'm too scared... Sorry..." "Did I... say something to upset you?" "There's nothing wrong with the data... That's strange..." "The one who should be saying thank you... is me..." "If everyone was like you... that'd be great." "Th-Thank you... for being willing to try to understand me."


  • Bo Bo is the first animal character to be included in Cytus II. Bo Bo is also the first free character to elaborate on a side story prior to the events of the main story.
  • Bo Bo's Genre is officially defined as ethnic but three distinct genre's can be noted. These are as follows: Eastern Ethnic as represented by Rin. Western Ethnic as represented by Sagar. Celtic as represented by Rin & Sagar together.
  • Bo Bo is the first character to have a level 15 difficulty chart (tRinity Saga) added to a character who did not originally have a level 15 difficulty available upon release. It was previously speculated by the community that if a character was not released with a 15 difficulty that they would not ever have one; the release of tRinity Saga contradicts that theory.
  • The second promotional image for Ver 3.4 was removed as the caption could be interpreted as a metaphor for the Taiwan freedom movement.
  • When the v3.4 trailer was first revealed, The breath of the soul was teased to be a playable song. Upon release, the song was not available. This led the community to worry that the song had been cancelled in a similar issue to Crystal PuNK's lost songs in 2019. With the release of v3.5 the song was added rectifying this issue.