• Luna Flina

    And this is the fanmade chapter that I decided to make after playing Undertale.

    I chose 12 songs without much conciderations to pick. So I can mischose or omitted several cool tracks in the game. TBH I only chose boss songs :P

    So say anything if you are not pleased with my choices. If you don't know this game it's fine. You can listen to them and show what you think ^-^

    I might take care the charting work for all of them. Who knows? But I can still barely have time ;-;

    The chapter has 12 songs, the 0 song can be played like the Cytus Alive way, one hidden song at song 3, and number 10 will be unlocked by passing all others (welp, that's my idea...)

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  • Fadosious

    I'm on an IMMACULATE journey to master every song in Cytus, since I've been in love with this game ever since I got it. I've separated this into three phases. The phases I'll do in order, but within the phases, I might master the levels out of order sometimes. A tough road lies ahead... :<

    Sweetness Overload!!! - Mastered on 2/1/16

    L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation) - Mastered on 4/2/16

    Freedom Dive - Mastered on 5/15/16

    Mastered L2B and Freedom Dive! After all that, I'm still not gonna touch Chapter L for a while. I think I'll give it like... a while. I don't know how long, but I do plan on mastering Chapter L someday.

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  • AluminiumGod997

    FGO is dead.

    January 13, 2016 by AluminiumGod997
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  • Mentholzzz

    Between 9.10 to 04.00 , I dedcided to have a little run on ch.M,D,T,0,K,L,R and S.

    • 893K in magnolia..that chart is very insane on this lacked android..
    • 902K in leviathan..nice and fun one..
    • AVTp : 96.52
    • AVScore : 966548
    • MMed : 3

    • 920K in dutch formossa ..i love this chart a lot.
    • 919K in protest..this chart is crazy in this droid..
    • 910K in catastrophe..i hate that grapes.
    • 947K in is also my best so far..
    • AVTp : 96.79
    • AVScore : 952859
    • MMed : 3

    • 931K in megaera..this chart is not so hard ..i just fc it.
    • 961K in blue is actually only one miss
    • 949K in violet..but i just mm it one and only lv.9 mm in this phone.
    • AVTp : 96.91
    • AVScore : 976323
    • MMed : 5

    • MM Stardust Sphere..
    • MM The Long Years
    • AVTp : 97.67
    • AVScore : 971522
    • MMed : 4

    • 959K in the falle…

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  • SerialNo30000324

    SerialNo30000324 is open for Q&As

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  • MrGZJcool

    8,000 EDITS...uhhh

    January 7, 2016 by MrGZJcool

    Yeah. My 8,000th edit came at a reply to a thread.

    I am a bedrock.

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  • WheatyTruffles

    One Step Further

    January 7, 2016 by WheatyTruffles

    As if I hadn't gone far enough with my Twitch fantasies...I've made a blog.

    Currently, the only interesting thing to see here is the "About" page, but don't worry. I've already got Pokémon Blue and SIF concepts on the backburner. :3

    I'll be pumping out my unrelated nonsense in a better place soon enough, guys. owo

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  • Aviel S.XY


    January 6, 2016 by Aviel S.XY

    As you may already know, for three years since Chapter K released and Deemo 1.5.0, her spelling is actually Rosabell

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  • Kht48

    Cytus 2 Poll

    January 5, 2016 by Kht48

    This is just to make sure that nothing looks messy or unkempt. Because Cytus 2 looks like something that will be as big as this in my opinion. You can comment your opinions in the section below.

    UPDATE : You guys are right, it should be here.

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  • Frickybunsen

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  • WheatyTruffles

    Phase One Results

    January 4, 2016 by WheatyTruffles

    So, I've done the full run. And...god damn, it was exhausting.

    Since I wrote everything down on a notebook instead of typing it, I won't be posting the complete results right away. Instead, I'll feed you the important bits, and the highlights.

    • The entire run took 9 hours, 19 minutes, and 37 seconds. And that was without Chapter L.
    • Rather weak start: 98.77 TP on Operators.
    • I came back with a new best TP of 98.84 on Ververg II.
    • Aside from Ververg II, I MMed every song in Chapter I.
    • My first non-MM that wasn't a Level 9 was Iris (955694).
    • I got an abysmal Precipitation score (913474, 98.44 TP).
    • This was recovered with an MM on Precip's alternate: my first Level 9 MM in the run.
    • I actually managed to clear Entrance's ending perfectly. Beginning blunder…
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  • WheatyTruffles

    My "Idea"...

    January 1, 2016 by WheatyTruffles

    So, I just came up with this a few days ago. This may just be a wistful thought that loses steam and dies out quickly...or I could actually be onto something here.

    This idea was inspired from my boredom-inspired treks across Twitch. During these ventures, I looked at several speedruns, and was surprised to see huge games like Final Fantasy 7 being tackled among these. Speedruns of titles like this would take over 7 hours, so I ended up thinking to myself: what if I could do the same for Cytus?

    Thus came to life the base concept for "Cytus runs". I discussed this in chat, but to restate it, my goal with these runs is to play every song in the game on Hard. One full run. No retries, sparse breaks between chapters. From calculations I gratefull…

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  • Awsomw955

    Thoughts on this year

    December 31, 2015 by Awsomw955

    "God bless." - *insert person name here*

    Well, it has been a full year this time as opposed to last year's 3-4 months. It definitely has been a fun year. I got better at rhythm games, got to discover new ones, and got to see this community grow in its members. I don't typically do any of the editing in this wiki, but I pretty much always keep a watch on it and reply when I feel comfortable or passionate enough to.

    CWC was definitely a lot more fun and competitive this year. While I am a bit disappointed that we lost by a very small margin, I am proud of how much progress I have made from last year to this year. I couldn't have done most of the things I did this year, last year, and I'm sure that applies to most of us here.

    My thoughts and goa…

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  • Sweet'N'Sour'Me

    The Hiatus of Kittenu

    December 31, 2015 by Sweet'N'Sour'Me

    So he messaged me and said that...

    "I can't access to any electronic things except television for 6 months..."

    I'm not taking this as a joke, he really leaved.

    6 months... well, so long......

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  • MrGZJcool

    2015 Highlights!

    December 31, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    So, today is the day, well for me, cause I'm still in Korea.

    Anyway, yes. Today (right now that is) is the last day of 2015. 365th. Final. Ultimo. So, let's jump into the highlights with...something from 2014?

    This wasn't a major event, but many new wikians joined in that period, including the most famous one, Blakey.

    Without Serial, there wouldn't have been this crossover. Also, it's partly because of the Brave Frontier X Deemo event, but...oh well.

    Now, onto the real stuff.

    The KB Comment

    So, this comment sparked it all. Everyone/Some people thought it was a fake, but it turned out to be the true Killerblood we love from Taiwan! The first composer to ever register an account into Cytus Wikia. Deathnylon, we watch you next...

    The day. 1 Million …

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  • Agithatheprincess

    Since I've MM all of the lv. 7 Songs, I'm on a mission to MM every Lvl. 8 song... I hope I complete this quest, there are some songs I'm scared of *cough cough East West Wobble cough* but I hope I can do I :3 Sweetness and Love has been MM!!!

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  • Kittenu

    An Neverending Hiatus

    December 26, 2015 by Kittenu
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  • Agithatheprincess

    Sooo... I'm really used to playing Cytus and Deemo on my Galaxy s4 and since the screen is 5 inches and my new tab 4 is 7 inches...

    My crush has an ipad air (like 10 inches) that he plays Cytus and Deemo on and I can handle Deemo but not Cytus (I got an A on Saika) Should I go level by level (5, 6, 7, 8, 9) or start off with the songs I'm most familiar with (Ververg, Prismatic Lolipops)?

    Also Dynamix would be really hard to adapt but it's not owned by Rayark so I won't talk about it.

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  • MrGZJcool


    December 25, 2015 by MrGZJcool


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  • SerialNo30000324

    Song Difficulty

    December 24, 2015 by SerialNo30000324

    While wandering around the internet for entertainment, I found an article on another wiki site in Korean with a detailed list noting the difficulty rating issues of Cytus. Unlike what this wiki has done before, it rated songs with the 4 different tags relative to Rayark's difficulty ratings instead of precise numbers like 9.5 or similar. The tags are the following with the following conditions for each;


    • Song is harder than the average song of the same level.
    • Song's difficulty is comparable to a song 1 level above.


    • Song is easier than the average song of the same level.
    • Song's difficulty is comparable to a song 1 level below.

    Individual Differences

    • Song's perceived difficulty varies a lot from player to player.
    • Song's difficulty…
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  • WheatyTruffles

    ...Oh, boy.

    Remember this list? If you don't...this, in all its glory, was the second countdown I ever posted on this Wiki. As expected from the "me" from over a year ago, the entries in this list weren't detailed, the jokes weren't funny (suffice from the iPad chucking line...I still kinda like that one), the usage of photos was abhorrent, and I'm pretty sure I even told a few white lies about my Cytus history (as I've stated before: I was a very unlikable person back then).

    However, probably the biggest thing about this list today is that the entries themselves are horribly outdated. Cytus has advanced by miles now, with several new chapters and even a few renewed charts of older songs. Not only that, but my skill level from then to now is…

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  • AluminiumGod997


    December 20, 2015 by AluminiumGod997

    Nice day, indeed. Keep calm and forget the TP~

    Chapter R officially becomes my 7th full master chapter. And I mastered Halloween Party too.

    I'm promoting to tier 4.



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  • Qaotik

    1 down, 9 to go...

    December 19, 2015 by Qaotik
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  • Agithatheprincess

    Hi, my name is Agitha Whitehead otherwise known as Agithatheprincess, I'm only 12 years old and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    I've been having intense problems with me randomly vomitng anytime of the day for no reason. I've been sent home the last day from school because of this. I cried before I went to sleep cause I'll know that I'll be waking up vomiting. It comes out of my mouth and nose and it's been a PAIN with me trying to catch-up on the last day of the Cytus Tournament. It can be chunky, liquidy or just a solid. I'm really happy that it's the break of school for the next 2 weeks for me. I might not post my score for day 7 because I can't stay focused and can't have any energy since I can't eat.

    I really hope this problem goes …

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  • MrGZJcool

    LIVE ON CWC (Day 7 and 8)

    December 19, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Welcome to LIVE with MrGZJcool for CWC2015, Day 7 and Day 8.

    All times will be +8GMT. And, I won't be on 24/7 duh. I'm not a robot.

    So let's go!

    • 8.23PM: Still trying to tabulate the scores. CWC page should be updated soon.
    • 8.25PM: Bimo gets a full 100% score with 69.92TPoints.
    • 8.27PM: Mentholzz has yet to submit his STORIA score, but if he gets an MM, he will have 69.91Points.
    • 8.29PM: Denny has 69.16Points and 68.80TPoints.
    • 8:32PM: Poets Team is almost done editing. There are still 5 people in their team yet to submit STORIA.
    • 8.34PM: Bimo's Team is done! Now, onto Doc's...
      • Doc has a full 100% score with 69.94TPoints!!!
    • 8.36PM: I get a dismal 67.69Points.
    • 8.38PM: CNW gets 68.51Points.
    • 8.41PM: Doc's team is done. Can Blank be victorious...?
      • Matt will sav…

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  • WheatyTruffles

    So, yeah, I also have my own plans for the holidays. And unlike with my wonderful internet brother...these next two weeks are going to be extremely jagged for me, to say the least.

    To put it short, I'm travelling to America for the Winter break. During this break, I'll be downloading and watching anime, playing a bunch of games...and of course, creating unique content for y'all. :3

    Again, unlike with Pitty, this plan is very iffy. At the least? I'll likely pump out a fun blog, and maybe a new short story. However, I predict a lot more to be produced by my restless mind. A countdown aside from the aforementioned "magnum opus" has been dwelling within my mind, and like with Pit, a Chapter L opinion blog is very likely from me, should the 9.1 up…

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  • Pit-Stain

    So now that I'm finally done with two hellish weeks of end-of-term exams, I have the ample free time to prepare a series of previously-planned blogs, and what better way to start this project right when Christmas is around the corner (even though I don't celebrate Christmas, and I'm not Christian for that matter...but I'll let it slide).

    What will it include, you ask? Well, starting off with two Top 10 lists (details will remain undisclosed) that will be complete the moment its uploaded. This means it'll not go into a daily countdown like some of the lists you've seen on this wiki. Once both lists are done, I'll prepare an extra, fun blog. So that's three blogs within 10 days, hopefully I'll pull it off.

    There's also the possibility for a fo…

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  • Lory1050

    Hello people.

    Seeing that verbose blogs here are not accepted by everyone, I'll make a short post.

    I was thinking: why only youtubers can appear in a public list of players in this wiki?

    My idea is this (I know that may require a bit of work, but it's worth the effort): rename the page into "Cytus Players", and make a unified table list that can include every player, even though he's not a YTr or a wikian.

    An additional column (or 2 additional columns) can be added to the table to indicate if the player is a wikian and/or a YTr with check symbols (or "yes" & "no").

    By doing this, we can give more credit to each player that is part of the community, and this will help the wiki to improve by knocking down this "discrimination" barrier.

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  • MrGZJcool

    7777 EDITS BLOG

    December 15, 2015 by MrGZJcool


    this is a dumb blog to make, but i just reached 7777 edits.

    and idk why im typing like this.

    anyway, idk if you guys want this to be a qna blog or a random blog for me to celebrate stuffs and regarding cwc stuff.

    im going to get a drink


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  • SerialNo30000324

    First level 9 MM

    December 15, 2015 by SerialNo30000324

    I have graduated from Cytus noob school (probably)

    I must celebrate this with a blog post.

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  • Kht48

    Cytus 2 Pre-Release Review

    December 13, 2015 by Kht48

    This is what I actually hope works. All of this has been confirmed information.

    • The biggest change in Cytus 2 is that the story and art style will be significantly different than the original Cytus.
      • This could be very interesting. Also, I like this idea a lot. Because in the first game, there wasn't any actual developed story, the main message was "have fun breaking your fingers". But, with this concept, maybe The story will fully go somewhere.
    • Cytus 2′s game style is more is more expanded.The game style will adopt “adventure game” style. The player’s main quest is to explore the “Cytus World”.
      • Depending on what is going on here, this could be really good, or really bad. I still want to play a rhythm portion of this game so much.
    • In Cytus 2, th…
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  • Ume Sama

    See you again 5 years later

    December 12, 2015 by Ume Sama

    Here's to another bad luck of inactivity on this wiki.

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  • WheatyTruffles


    December 12, 2015 by WheatyTruffles

    I'll be remastering yet another unfinished countdown of mine, soon.

    It'll likely be my last countdown about Cytus. Hopefully, the work put into it will also make it my magnum opus on this game.

    The release date? Hopefully before Cytus II's release, although I can't guarantee anything.

    This is just an initial announcement. Hopefully, this project will be worth the weight. :3

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  • Fluffysheep123

    VOEZ green eyes

    December 11, 2015 by Fluffysheep123

    Well... 1982 combo? With a score of 482472? Probably like freedom dive original chart, but if this is not scrapped...

    P.S. If I'm not wrong, VOEZ should be employing the level system like in dynamix, all the way up to level 100, as seen in the top left corner. Assuming that this song is not level 88. I don't like the look of the monthly subscription though...

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  • MrGZJcool


    December 11, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    " VOEZ "Another surprising feature is that it will adopt the" subscription "system of charging methods. "Said the vernacular that, in fact, a monthly subscription you, just tell subscription system seems relatively cool" tour famous smiles.

    Well. Sh*t.

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  • WheatyTruffles

    Inter-Song Navigation

    December 10, 2015 by WheatyTruffles

    I was wondering, should we try placing navigation between neighbouring songs in the song pages themselves? Kinda like the thing we did with navigating between the chapters, except...with the songs. For example, for Light up my LOVE, the navigation would show Hot Air Balloon as the previous song, and Ververg as the next song.


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  • MrGZJcool

    Cytus II NEWS

    December 9, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Finally, someone managed to translate the chinese interview. I got a headache X_X

    TL;DR or you lazy a$$h0lëzz:

    • Cytus 2 is absolutely different from Cytus.
    • The main quest for the user is to explore the 'Cytus world'.
    • Story will be more explicit.
    • No 'Chapter Select' or 'Song Select'. Instead, it will be a 'Cytus World Map'.
    • World Map has different regions.
    • Every region has its own event.
    • Old and new composers will have songs in the game, including more American and European composers.
    • Swipe note (Omega) and another note type to be added.

    Release date?

    Around the end of 2016

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  • Ardoniel

    I've been through quite a lot music games, and before now, I want to discuss about this topic.

    ..and now I have it. I might be far too late to do so, but I still wanted to.

    So, let's start.

    I differentiate the relation of song genres with their difficulty into 2 categories: Some which is (usually) not affected with the BPM, and; the rest that are affected.

    1. (Usually) Not influented with their BPM

    This categories includes genres that are (most of the time,) focused on some situations no matter how frequent is the BPM. This condition can change if the genres are combined with another
    • Pop / Genres with Lyrics
    This also includes Hip-Hop, Blues, RnB, and Acid.
    Most of the songs in the genres or any derivations of them, are quite easy in difficulty. …
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  • SerialNo30000324

    If you are too lazy to read or have ADHD, then skip this block of text and go to the bottom of this blog for a very short summary in bullet points.

    After going through the recent activities in this wiki, I've found 2 blogs regarding how this wiki became a mess and how the admins are not capable of resolving it. And I'm going to stick my nose into this issue.

    So, where did all this start? It's actually kind of hard to determine exactly when this kind of off-topic content started flooding but I will assume that all of this started when the Brave Frontier x Deemo collaboration started. This is when maybe the first off topic content flooding started (I guess I should take some of the blame?) Although the Brave Frontier topic was mostly contained …

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  • MrGZJcool

    Time To Take A Breather

    December 6, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Well, hello there, whoever is reading this blog.

    It is 1:26AM as I am typing this.

    I need some time to relax. I do.

    It seems I have been working too much, aren't I?

    Firstly, I will like to talk about the community.

    I don't deem such communities as cancer. Not even PewDiePie or osu! communites (I do joke about it). I just think that people need to experience the Internet more.

    The Cytus community here has never failed to cheer me up. Heck, remember last year's Christmas Chat chaos? I had fun. A lot.

    People like Wheaty, CNW, Beak, Serial, Pit, Atlas, Syn, even people from the BF Wikia like Blake are just a few people who I deem as a fun bunch to have in a community. It is fun.

    Now, I will like to point the attention to the current situation.

    Yes, I a…

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  • Sweet'N'Sour'Me

    Let's come back to my real birthday last week.

    I woke up...


    Until 11 p.m.

    So I was sad all the day.... I even cried because of that.

    But, now I'm here! I'll start a Q&A session.

    And I've got a question for you guys too.

    What'll you do if you love another boy in your class?

    I'm pretty confused.....

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  • Mentholzzz

    RayarkCon2015 Opinions

    December 6, 2015 by Mentholzzz

    • Cytus 9.1
      • Actually,I just love that chart style,it is not too bad..just nah.
    • Cytus Omega
      • Taiwan, ok nvm that.
    • Cytus II
      • I think that it would be and that's it! I hope this will be good.

    • Deemo 2.2 + New Free Pack
      • I luv Oceanus,and wait TQ song! And void song too!
    • Goods in Taiwan
      • Taiwan, ok nvm that again.

    • Headbands & Sticker
      • Cute XD

    • Gameplay
      • I think my iPad can handle this..maybe.
      • The chart is a little bit tricky..slide note,flick I HATE FLICK NOTE!
    • Anime Teaser
      • Nice.
    • BETA test
      • Ok nvm that.

    • Implosion 2.2
      • Cool! Jonathan!
    • Zero Day
      • Nice trailer.

    • I think this game will be like mario? like go passing the stage and ? IDK nvm

    • Nice game,will it be rpg game?
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  • Kht48

    RayarkCon Opinions

    December 5, 2015 by Kht48

    These are my thoughts of RYC, in order of MZGC's bullets. You are going to have to see the original blog to understand.

    • 9.1, ABOUT TIME.
    • Now I get why I never saw a gameplay of Omega....
    • Oh my god.... in 2016 I hope! I'M READY! But seriously, Cytus II might be a touugh one to make with all of those songs used.

    • Awesome! But whatever song was in the trailer, I'M STAYING AWAY.
    • Nice! A free pack! THAT BETTER NOT HAVE THAT SONG!
    • Now Japan is not the only place I want to go to.

    • I really want to see these!

    • This is all just going to come together, but oh my goodness, this all seems amazing...

    • That seems awesome, but I just question why it.... oh nevermind, I love this!
    • THANK YOU!
    • .....

    • This looks amazing and very high quality. If only I could go there.

    • This ma…

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  • MrGZJcool

    RayarkCon Update Blog!

    December 5, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Time to write out updates about RayarkCon while I crap my pants in delight.

    • 9.1 will have renewed charts for Chapter L.
    • Cytus Omega will be made available in Taiwan for 2 days in December. (
    • Cytus II is in progress. (Yes, you saw this correctly) (

    • v2.2 coming out soon with many composers! (
    • v2.2 will have a free pack: Shattered Memories.
    • PS VITA goodies and stuff exclusive to Taiwan only. (2016/1/14)

    • Headbands! And Mandora stickers on Line!

    • Trailer time! Zero Day! (
    • Here is a 6 Minute Concept Animatic from Implosion: Zero Day! (
    • 1.2 …

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  • Aviel S.XY

    Cytus II

    December 5, 2015 by Aviel S.XY

    You have been warned.

    Prepare to break your screens

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  • Agithatheprincess

    Although this what I think when EK plays O2Jam

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  • MrGZJcool


    December 5, 2015 by MrGZJcool

    Ok. Enough.

    Starts at 6pm (+8GMT), 10am (GMT).

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  • Luna Flina

    I found this a few minutes ago, that Project Thrinos has been moved to its old 1.0 link, and Mei Design League had that link in his video... So is this program still private, or this is an unintentional leak... 

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  • Fluffysheep123

    VOEZ gameplay

    December 2, 2015 by Fluffysheep123

    In case you missed the livestream:


    P.S. VOEZ seems like deemo on steroids. No idea where the band comes in though.

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  • Atlas Stratus

    As I promised long ago. I actually had these some time ago, just couldn't be bothered/too impatient for the upload to YouTube.

    (And by 'impatient' I mean >4 hours of waiting with slower internet. And choppy audio on everything else, as I realised.)

    Anyway, enjoy.

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