• SkyEagle

    Skyeagle's official leave

    September 26, 2016 by SkyEagle

    Hello, my name is Skyeagle.

    A lot of you may not even have known me, due to my inactiveness in the past few months. (In fact, it's been over a year since I have last been active, but nvm)

    I'm now here to announce that I'll leave the Cytus & other rhythm games community indefinitely.

    I downloaded cytus during the iOS free download in Dec 2013, and started playing the game in March 2014. As my first rhythm game ever played, Cytus has been around me for two years and a half now.

    I joined editing this wiki at around April to May 2014, as an anonymous editor. Later I registered myself in this wiki, and renamed as Skyeagle afterwards. Skyeagle has been my nickname in most games ever since.

    Sometime around the summer vacation of 2014, WheatyTruffles s…

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  • MrGZJcool
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  • WheatyTruffles

    I'm a day late, it seems. Oh well, none of you are complaining.

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  • WheatyTruffles

    WARNING: This blog contains a lot of profanity. Most of it is censored, but I still advise caution before reading.

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  • Jaryu18128

    About the hidden charts

    September 7, 2016 by Jaryu18128

    After playing through 10.0 and breaking my fingers on Freedom Dive again (like, how are you really supposed to master this? X.X) I realized that the charting style was... how should I say it... un-Rayark-like ?  A few things stand out for me

    • The weird, asymmetrical drags. This is especially the case for Myosotis (though it's obvious the chart was basically ripped straight from Deemo), but the drags with notes so close together that they overlap isn't something I see.
      • Also obligatory mention of the drags at the end of Freedom D!ve . Did they seriously do that just so they could get to exactly 2000 notes? Chapter L's easter egg was better executed.
    • This is mostly with Myosotis, but I notice that the notes are really hugging the top and bottom of…
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  • Pipefan618

    All 10.0 hiddens rEVEALED

    September 2, 2016 by Pipefan618

    Oh we all know what's this...

    Give it up, rayark

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  • Jaryu18128

    I would post this on the fanon wiki, but I know no one will see it, so I'll just drop it off here.

    I think I've gotten a little too salty from Chapter L...

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  • Pipefan618

    Cytus Megamix chart

    August 23, 2016 by Pipefan618

    because no one in the fanon wiki is active... i'll also post it here just in case. part 1 part 2

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  • Pipefan618

    here's a leaked song from the "other chapter"...

    imo i'm more hyped for the "other chapter" than the nightkeepers one...

    will they make R, T, L, D, or 0 free? (at least one of em is)

    (also hoping this page is still alive...)

    EDIT: just finished watching the rayark ultimate challenge, and it seems like infinite fields is just another hidden song. so far chapter nightkeepers is the only new chapter in 10.0. 

    i have to say ice.... really likes hidden songs...

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  • Ardoniel


    August 14, 2016 by Ardoniel

    Guys, what is this?

    Any confirmed news about Cytus 10.0? Is it THE REAL last update of Cytus?

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  • Otakupingu

    I was trying to get the sound effects from cytus by extracting the obs file but I can't seem to find them. I need them for some purposes. Does anybody know a source that has all cytus sound effects?(menu tap, click fx, song switch, etc.) I would appreciate it. :)

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  • SerialNo30000324

    FD on Chunithm

    July 30, 2016 by SerialNo30000324

    first blog since january this year!

    meh I'm just going to post this.

    Looks like FD got in another game, though I'm a month late to say this.

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  • Mentholzzz

    WHAT Tbh , it sounds like eyemedia x vila

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  • Awsomw955

    My CWC Mock Matches

    July 23, 2016 by Awsomw955

    "Well I guess I should actually take some time off watching games and playing visual novels and actually write down some blogs I've been meaning to write.

    Anyways, this blog is just mainly to see what would've happened if I had actually progressed in CWC16. Of course I'm probably not going to actually beat the people that actually played, but I'll do my best.

    The main rules and songs will be shown in each tabber. I will do these mock matches whenever I feel like it so they could be finished very quickly or very slowly. We'll see.

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  • MrGZJcool

    I apologize.

    July 14, 2016 by MrGZJcool

    So as of late I have been going wicked ham on comments together with Synnical, and I am just too tired to press on for this, and I know that myself because I should be on a hiatus and none of this should be happening, so-

    • I will not reply to anymore comments in response of sarcasm or plain satire.
    • I will reply humbly and with manner to comments that deserve actual responses.
    • I will visit regularly but not comment as frequently.

    This should be probably stop all the nonsense from me. Until then, I'll see you guys soon.

    Post note: Maybe you might not care about this blog, but I just want to take this opportunity to update myself.

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  • WheatyTruffles

    Yeah...that wasn't the end of it.

    Difficulty in rhythm games is quite the capricious matter. What may be seen as a "completely understandable rating" in the eyes of the developers may be seen as "completely and utterly obtuse" in the eyes of the players. Although I've already expressed my distaste for Cytus's difficulty system in particular, it still fulfills its purpose as a base guideline for the players to evaluate their skills with. By accomplishing a feat within a certain level, you can safely say that you've begun to grasp how to repeat that accomplishment with other pieces in that same level, like "Million Mastering your first Level 8", or "TP 100ing your first Level 9".

    Within these specific levels lie a certain amount of songs, all …

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  • Qaotik

    Note: This does not affect any of y'all, but it serious affects me and my attitude might be down. So I'm sorry if I sound like a clown.

    I'm going to be as short and brief as possible. I was at dinner with my sister and my father (who is divorced). When I got home, I mentioned with my mother over some of the topics. Since they're on a personal level, all I will say is that both my mother and stepfather no longer trust my sister with such information because my mother wants nothing to do with my father. As a result, they got an eviction notice for her. After having a very hostile conversation over the matter, my father gets involved shortly after and I'm asked to meet him at his house. Although he found out what I said to my parents that day…

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  • Pipefan618

    Here's a piano cover for Storia. (better when synced w/ the original song, at 0:47) pls tell ur grp chat.

    And hey if u need to log in, please do. You can save it to MIDI , synthesia-fy it and post it to YouTube (my synthesia/banicam both suck atm). C'mon spread the word to your friends

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  • StephSomething

    Who wants

    June 20, 2016 by StephSomething

    Who is hungry??? If you want, you can have this delicious like food from me cause i made it. After eating, please tell me if the food i gave is delicious or not. Please Enjoy;)

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  • Aqua-cchi


    June 15, 2016 by Aqua-cchi

    I dont know that VOEZ was out on June 2 [Android, idk 'bout iOS]-

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  • WheatyTruffles

    The Arguments

    June 13, 2016 by WheatyTruffles

    I'll be doing two things in regard to the relentless arguments on this site, because they've gone too far.

    • The relating comments on The Challenge Sphere, as well as the previous thread that covered very similar topics (yes, I know I already closed it) will be deleted.
    • I will INSTANTLY ban whomever tries to bring up these arguments again within the next few months, no matter their position on the Wiki (with the obvious exceptions being my fellow bureaucrats, who haven't been contributing to this problem in the slightest anyways).

    Call me a coward for bringing out fear tactics like this, but things have gotten too obscenely venomous over such a stupid cause, that trying to be sympathetic towards either side won't help in the slightest. I hope …

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  • WheatyTruffles

    Heya, WheatyTruffles here with another verbose blog! Oh, joy!

    Today, I bring you all a different type of list. Instead of the average countdown, listing the extreme highs or lows of a certain aspect in Cytus, I figured I would deliver a mixture of highs and lows covering ALL aspects of the game.

    To put it simply, every day this week, I'll be discussing a random feature that acts as a highlight for Cytus - something that enhances its functionality, design, and individuality as a game. In the same light, I'll also discuss a feature that does the exact opposite - something that diminishes the game's positive factors, however minor or unchangeable. This type of idea may stir flames within the community, so let me get this out of the way: just be…

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  • Kht48


    June 4, 2016 by Kht48

    I have now put up the first Deemo awards blog here. Check it out! ;3

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  • Sakusam

    Title says all.

    I'm looking forward to buy my first IAP. Recently, I began to be short on songs I have yet to master and since I want to extend the fun, I'm strongly interested in buying Chapter 0 or Chapter R. Let's say that I'll probably end up buying both, I just need to select my first one. Which one could be my best investment then ?

    Thankies !

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  • Pipefan618

    Yes tomorrow's the release of VOEZ for android, and I can't wait to play it!!

    So, i left these videos for you to enjoy... I extended Refel and combined a bunch of songs by Ice, and I made a chart.

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  • PlatinumPotato

    Well, I've been stalking this wiki for... about 4 months now without saying much, besides The Challenge Sphere and a couple random posts here and there. So, better late than never, I guess?

    Since this is the first thing I've posted that's more than a couple sentences, I guess I'll say some stuff about me now. I've been playing Cytus since... oh, the end of last August, maybe? My friend I met at this school I transferred to (residential two year math and science high school) showed me the game, and my response was pretty much Where is this game I need it in my life. So I've been playing it a decent amount since then when I get time, which isn't a lot because this school is really, really hard. That's why I haven't done much of anything for f…

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  • Qaotik

    I'm Sorry

    May 21, 2016 by Qaotik

    I'm sorry...

    For the problems I caused.

    For the insults or anything I've said.

    For my anger, it gets the best of me. It overshadowed all the things that came out of this Wiki. What I saw was wrong was because of my selfishness. I demanded that things have to be in the way I invision it and demonize those who disagree.

    For everything, to put it simply.

    I've released my anger, and now all I can ask is forgiveness.

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  • Kht48

    So, Cytus has had 2 award votings thanks to what I first created when I joined! So, now, I think it is about time that Deemo has their awards, too. Cytus has finished updating, and Deemo is kind've a passing of the torch. Plus, we have over 100 songs to potentially nominate so why not? What do you think?

    If this works, I have many great ideas for what we can do. See ya!

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  • Grazeenik


    May 7, 2016 by Grazeenik

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm Grazeenik. I just started playing Cytus two or three months ago, when a friend of mine who is also a Wikian introduce the game to me and, well, I almost immediately fell in love with it. He also told me about this wikia and I've gone here for information about Cytus several times before deciding to join this yesterday. Hope you guys help me :> And actually I'm not from an English-speaking country (I'm Vietnamese) so I may make some grammatical or spelling mistakes so I hope that you guys can help me with that too, because I also do want to improve my English.

    I'm a newbie to Cytus, so I haven't achieved much then. I've only MMed twice on two Easy level songs, well. I usally get A and B rank on Hard level so…

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  • Semi-Squishy 3000

    Deemo 2.3 will be out soon! Rayark Artists Selection pack will be released with it. But, in addition...


    Maybe they'll get it right this time.

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  • Lory1050
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  • WheatyTruffles
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  • Lory1050

    Hey everyone!

    I know, another post about results, but this time is absolutely important! ;)

    Finally, after countless attempts, I'm here and proud to announce that Chapter L's "bright side" (9.1) has been defeated by my killer fingers! 8D

    By getting the MM (with a very nice TP) on the freakin' insane L2, I reached that desired balance level I was hoping to reach, and I'm pretty sure that this is my very limit (mainly due to physical limitations) of achieavable MMs. You can see on the slideshow the results for the top hardest :3

    As always let me know your impressions, and for the next MMs we'll see on "Cytus II" d(^_^o)

    またね! ♪(´ε` )

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  • WheatyTruffles

    For those who use PCtyx to chart (and who read the ridiculously long blog title above), you'll know that the newest update recently added in a feature to make your song up to Level 16, rather than the usual 9.

    But Wheaty, that happened eons ago--

    Now, I don't know about you, but I think this a huge change. I know that we needed a higher difficulty cap, but putting the bar this high astounded me. To think that songs like Darkness and Megaera are only halfway up the chain according to this program is almost mind-boggling, though with confusion comes Truffles, and with Truffles come solutions.

    Wait, that's not right at all--

    Anyways, enter the magical blog that shall solve all; hopefully. Simply put, I'll be taking all the Level 9s in Cytus and run…

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  • Kht48

    I have no problems!!

    April 22, 2016 by Kht48

    I am completely okay now!! I will not need another hiatus from the wikia. I'm set, not fully moved, but set up here. Let's just say though, there have been some issues along the way though down town...

    1. The hot water heater broke causing wet spots all over the carpet, and it temporarily broke my shower.
    2. My cats are rather unruly as of recent, especially Bootsies...
    3. I literally almost lost all connection until May 18th, which meant the real hiatus might've been after I have moved in. But, my connection is fully powered!!

    So, yeah, hopefully I will have a happier time around in the new home, is looks nice, and it feels nice. Until then see you at the live Rayark Con chat in May!!

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  • Pipefan618

    We know that Deemo and VOEZ have songs ranging from lv 10 above. What Cytus songs do u think are too hard for a lv 9?

    Hmm... let's make the range up to lv 12 so no one will be like: "FREEDOM DIVE = LV 99"

    Ok, for me here are the songs that are above lv 9...

    • AXION = lv 10
    • Sweetness Overload!!! = lv 11
    • The Ricochet = lv 12

    And yes, some lv 9 songs just need to be lv 9. Not all are too hard for lv 9, like Q.

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  • Pipefan618

    Did VOEZ just...?

    April 17, 2016 by Pipefan618

    I know VOEZ had all songs within the weekend. They next day came and this happened Idk if it was my phone, my internet, or VOEZ just temporarily shut down before the release date?

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  • Kht48

    Moving Update

    April 17, 2016 by Kht48

    Hey guys! Alright. Good news. This moving process may be going a bit faster now with some help that is currently going on right now. This might make my time off shorter by x amount of days depending on how much can get done from everyone around, including myself.

    Until then, I am trying to find more free time to check in and update.

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  • Agithatheprincess

    Since I finished making blog posts about charts, I'll just throw them here and you guys can critique them plz :)

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  • AluminiumGod997

    Legend of Zelda

    April 16, 2016 by AluminiumGod997

    I've made a chart for the Legend of Zelda theme. Although the click-drag killers of the hard chart may seem bizarre for beginners, it's not that hard to be honest. My friend said it's way easier than Sairai.

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    Although this is quite an older news (quite like, 3 years) by now, but I think I should bring it up since the wikia doesn't have any documentation about this 'dark' history. Rayark admitted this before in some major Chinese mobile gaming sites, and I assume some of you might be curious after stumpled across the other rhythm game called Mozarc which has some musics from Cytus. Mozarc was developed by Hypaa Studio.

    Ming-Yang Yu (CEO of Rayark), Tony(Game Director of Cytus) and another member were previously worked for Hypaa Studio, and there was one buried game even before Mozarc. Why Hypaa only has these two games and both of them were unheard of anywhere? Because Hypaa Studio was quite a dark journey to the 3 core members.

    Here is the short …

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  • Kht48

    God Why....

    April 15, 2016 by Kht48

    I have somewhat bad news for my activity here right now... I'm moving.

    Just when I promised to be back, I have to work on something else. ot that this is entirely bad news, but this is just sad and ironic for my work here.

    Sorry, but I will see when I can just fit in during this time at a bare minimum.

    The good news hoewever, is that it is not very far. So, I will have no problem coming back quickly after.

    Geez, I am sorry about this, but this is very important for me to do. This will limit me greatly for a good 2 weeks.

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  • Awsomw955

    Birthday Q&A blog

    April 14, 2016 by Awsomw955

    So yeah it's my birthday today, but it's probably past April 13th for most of you guys by now.

    Anyways that's not what I really wanted to talk about in this though. I've been in this wiki for a pretty long time now (I think about a year and a half), but I've never really talked about my opinions on anything, nor have I really told anyone about myself, really. So I've taken this oppurunity to do this Q&A blog with you guys so you can ask me things that you're interested in knowing.

    To be honest, I really don't mind what questions you ask me. They can range from opinions on different songs and charts, to interests, and to really anything else. If you want to copy pasta, I'm fine with that too. You can ask me semi-personal questions too, but of…

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  • Agithatheprincess

    What's the best song from the Beta Stage?

    BEST SONG Carnation Gamegame MUSIC BOX Praystation Refel Rotating Sky Keep You Safe Kimi to mita sora no uta Kokoro Platinum Tougenkyou Dual Dragoon Read more >
  • Kht48


    April 11, 2016 by Kht48

    Hi guys. I'm very sorry for being so vacant, I was sick, I had test prep, I had SATs, I had birthday parties to go to, I had a lot to do. 

    I swear that I am not abandoning this wikia with any malicious intent at all. I am just tring to get by in the outside world too, and transitioning to another whole level this year is going to make me very, very busy. I am just starting to come back with edits, and I promise you, I will be back running with more edits soon. It's just right now, it's getting very, very hard to balance it all in.

    The number one thing I worry about is being demoted because of this. Sure, I want to get by and around, but at the same time, right now, I'm trying to fit myself back in here too. I can't be here all the time, and …

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  • Otakupingu

    The best song so far is refel by sakuzyo. RIP 6 locked songs. Some of them look great. Especially platinum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Awsomw955

    The Level 8 or 9 Rush

    April 5, 2016 by Awsomw955

    This blog will be another type of warm-up of sorts for the upcoming CWC 2016. This blog will feature me Re-MMing almost every level 9 as well as some level 8s. The main goal of this is to feel out most of the level 9s and hopefully still be able to do them. This will be more focused towards MMing songs as fast as possible and not worry incredibly much about the TP. (Of course it's still important though- might be another blog/warm-up)

    Here's essentially a rundown of what I'll be doing or the goals of this:

    • I will be MMing the songs I do, twice.
    • The goal is to get one MM in under 40 minutes- as fast as possible. If I happen to go over, it's fine, but that just means I need to put in a bit more practice perhaps.
    • Time and attempts for each song w…
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  • WheatyTruffles

    TP 100 Hit List

    April 4, 2016 by WheatyTruffles

    I've been a bit more active in Cytus as of late, partially thanks to the Challenge Sphere and the lack of other things to do on my iPad. After seeing Agitha's TP 100 goals, as well as people like Awsomw completely blowing past me with TP 100s that have caused me to quiver in my shoes, I took a look at my own steadily increasing list of goals in Cytus conjured by my casual attempts at the game, and decided to finally face them. And so, I'll be posting my own embarrasingly massive list of songs that I have been and will be attempting to TP 100.

    Hope you all enjoy, or something like that. :<

    (Numbers next to the songs are my current TPs)

    • Alive: Disaster - 99.79 (I think)
    • Gurren Eyes - 99.91
    • Precipitation - 99.79
    • This stupid freaking song - 99.94
    • Log…

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  • Agithatheprincess

    Now that I've gotten an All Charming in Deemo on a Level 8 song (Mellow in Rabpit Collection) I have an achievement to TP100 a Level 8 song in Cytus.

    Evil Force

    Just A Trip

    First Gate

    A New Home

    I race the dawn

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  • Minorica11

    Found it on Facebook, there's a new anime movie, Mandora the Movie : Return of the Ancient Leaves. Link : [1] They combined some of Rayark's game characters, including VOEZ.


    It's a lie. Just for April Fool 2 days ago... Bonus HD pictures: [2] [3] [4] [5]

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