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Rayark (the developer of Cytus and Cytus II) recently released Deemo II!


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Awesome Aasim Awesome Aasim 7 March 2021

Proposed C2 Characters and Songs

  • 1 Character Suggestion: Walker
    • 1.1 Character Description
    • 1.2 Songs
  • 2 Music Pack Suggestion: Phigros
    • 2.1 Free Songs
    • 2.2 Phigros Collection: Vol I
    • 2.3 Phigros Collection: Vol II

I am a big fan of Alan Walker's EDM music and would love to see his music make it to Cytus II and other rhythm games. For this I suggest a DLC named "Walker" that goes through the story of Alan Walker's inspiration for his music and style.

A popular DJ from Node 13 whose sudden rise to fame has stunned the world. However, his identity has largely remained unknown; at all live and virtual concerts, he is wearing a mysterious mask with a mysterious symbol on it. Will his rise to fame be made known to the world, or will it remain a mystery forever?

Birthday: 24 August 682 N.A.

Logo: [lo…

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Sunne0137 Sunne0137 13 September 2020

Why can’t I find the wiki in the app

Help me

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Ozancan722R Ozancan722R 3 September 2020

Discord Server

Is there any Cytus/Cytus 2 Discord server? If there is a Discord server edit this and add an invite link that can't expire.

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Aviel S.XY Aviel S.XY 2 August 2020

Cytus Alpha resources?

How d'yall get those? especially those clear wallpapers and cycons hmmm

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Nicanooby Nicanooby 29 July 2020

Anime (Cytus II)

This has been on my mind for a long time. I've been thinking that Cytus 2 can have an anime adaptation. 


Here is why....

  • They have actual voice actors
  • They have an opening (Whole Rest)
  • Used to Be can be the ending for the anime. 
  • There's enough storyline for at least 13-26 episodes
  • They have REALLY GOOD animators
  • They have an actual ending (the bad one is tthe real/true one)

That's all the stuff that may lead to an anime. If you agree or disagree tell me why in the comments.

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In attempts of cracking VERVERG'S lyrics

i am new at this. But I was able to do some digging and cracked some lyrics of the Song Ververg by Onoken .Ani feat B

here is how I did it

I was very bored on a lazy day. When I decided "Nobody has cracked VERVERG'S code of lyrics. I shall do it"

It wasn't as easy I thought. It took me quite some time to get where I am right now


that day. I gave up because it was too hard. I won't reveal the lyrics until I have completly finished deciphering it.

The song is not incomprehensible. the words are in mixed up languages. Some are :






Just to name a few.

some words seemed incomprehensible even in the translater. Tht made it even harder.

I will reveal the starting portion a little j…

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 27 May 2020

Get Ready Migration Legacy Wiki to UCP Wiki

I hope the Admin of Cytus Wiki read this, because Legacy Wiki (MediaWiki old version) not in use anymore and get step to back up all content (include CSS and JS costum) if the migration get issue like import content only transfer 90%...

Why? Fandom will migrate All Wiki (Except created wiki at 11 March 2020 above) with Mediawiki Old version (Legacy Wiki) to Mediawiki New Version it called UCP - Unified Community Platform.

What's change? You can read here. Rip classic editor...

About migration you can read here.

About Bug & Issue from UCP Feature, you can read here.

About UCP, you can read here.

Okay, that's all... I hope you like this UCP....

If you have a problem about UCP, you can visit Community Central

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Pipefan618 Pipefan618 28 March 2020

the orchestral version of chaos

I'M BACK yes i'm actually excited for the full version of that song. (wow this wiki is kinda dead rn) now what will be the other 12 (?) songs that will appear? will it be the classics again like some of ivy's songs or will it be like chapter M in c1 where it will be various remixes of c2 songs? 

~xi pls come back~

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Jackbuthesuck Jackbuthesuck 7 March 2020



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Bryeo2 Bryeo2 27 May 2019

Song tier list (Chapter Million)

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Bryeo2 Bryeo2 27 May 2019

Song tier list (Nora)

Generally all of the songs in Nora are amazing, with the exception of Eternity which I just can't seem to like. 

  • ATONEMENT is another fine example of why SIHanatsuka is a talented artist. The melody and bass drops are pure bliss, and he captures the soul of Nora's genre perfectly.
  • Drop The World is RiraN's first song in Cytus II, and after I heard this song, I just wanted more. I was first introduced to him from another rhythm game "Lanota", and at that point I really didn't care. When this song was released, I checked his other songs and albums out and realised that he's actually really good. Drop The World is an incredible song with sufficient bass and catchiness to make me addicted to RiraN.
  • Just when I thought Starlight by 3R2 was good, m…
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Bryeo2 Bryeo2 27 May 2019

Song tier list (Ivy)

Reasoning for some songs:

  • V. was the most hyped song in the history of Cytus II. Everyone was so hyped for V. to appear in game after it's debut in RayarkCon 2018. I was so F&%$@ING hyped for this song, and I played the F&%$@ out of it when it came out. This is an example of a song that will never be annoying, no matter how many times it's replayed.
  • Area 184 was a personal favourite for me in the original Cytus. However, Area 184 -Platinum Mix- was even better. Area 184 would have been bumped to S tier if it was the platinum mix but hey, I'm glad they even implemented Area 184!
  • VIS::CRACKED took me a while to actually like because the song was gibberish when I first played it. Much like dimensionalize nervous breakdown (rev.flat), I did not l…

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Bryeo2 Bryeo2 24 May 2019

Song tier list (ROBO Head)

Reasoning for some songs:

  • My favourite composer is Team Grimoire, but there really is no biasness there when I say that Restriction and Grimoire of Crimson belong in the SS tier. Both songs are absolute bangers, and I'm glad that they were implemented into the game from their respective albums.
  • Teikyou is a very underrated composer, and all of his songs in the game thus far are amazing. Midnight and Jazzy Glitch Machine are my personal favourites by him, and I believe they belong in the SS tier.
  • When I first played Cytus II, I hated Luolimasi. However after a year of playing the game, I finally came to appreciate it. Luolimasi is actually one of the best songs by SIHanatsuka, and I'm glad that I never gave up listening to this song. 
  • dimension…

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Bryeo2 Bryeo2 24 May 2019

Song tier list (Neko Ver. A)

The classic SS, S, A, B, C, D and F.

SS: God tier song, top quality.

S: Similar to SS, but slightly lesser.

A: Amazing song, but cannot be compared to S and SS.

B: Somewhat decent song.

C: Your typical, average song.

D: Hard to listen and overall not good.

F: G A R B A G E

Order of songs do NOT matter! e.g Every song in the S tier are of the same spiciness

This list is completely opinionated, so please do feel free to share your own opinions as well!

Below are my reasoning behind some songs in the list:

  • I could not bear to put Alterna in the F tier, but it definitely belongs somewhere at the bottom.
  • I never really liked Hard Landing, I actually found it rather annoying. However, I remember back in Cytus I there was a point in time where I liked it, bu…

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 5 May 2019

The Cytus Chapter Tier List

At ease, men. Alpha male WheatyTruffles here, dropping another load of testosterone on your undeveloped minds, through the revolutionary medium of the blog. Bulk up and rise above the inferior beta cucks that plague our nation with me, TODAY. With these scientifically proven tips on how to flaunt your masculinity, you'll be able to put women in their place — in the kitchen.

Please don't take this awful intro seriously—

So, yeah. It's been a while. I'd say it's good to be back, but this blog will probably be chalked up as a sh*tpost thrown together as fodder for an awful community, so I can't really say that with a straight face.

All grievances aside, let's continue the trend of my interest in Cytus being fueled purely by my ability to write ab…

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FleetwoodPink2 FleetwoodPink2 2 May 2019

An Overlook/Review of Cytus α

I've recently completed a sort of review on Cytus α, and posted it to the Cytus Reddit.

If you want to know my thoughts on the game, here's the link:

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Pit-Stain Pit-Stain 29 January 2019

Features I Want Added to Cytus α


I mean, uh...

...I guess not, huh? Anyways...

So in case you've been living under a rock or something, or is still jacking off to V. in Cytus II, Rayark announced a Cytus port that is coming to the Nintendo Switch and is hitting stores this April (well at least in North America). And yes, I'm talking the original Cytus, but apparently this turned out to be more than just a port. From the trailer that was released last December, this looks like more of a revamped version of Cytus, with extra songs and a slick-ass UI. A Director's Cut if you will. Here it is for reference:

I decided to conduct a list of features that I would love to see make it in the final build, seeing as I've played Cytus for 6 years now, and have ample experience with…

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712a 712a 16 September 2018

Cytus II Wikia Championship 2018-2019

  • 4 STATUS
    • 5.1 HOW IT WORKS???
    • 5.3 SONG LIST
  • 6 RULES

Welcome to Cytus II Wikia Championship 2018 (C2WC2018)! I'm 712a aka Mnt123456, a "quite casual" Wikia user of Cytus Wikia, as well as other rhythm game wikias. This is the first ever Cytus II Championship ever, and my first own event of Cytus Wikia. Committee:

  • 712a aka Mnt123456
  • Skyways...1234

Reply the link to your Facebook account in this forum.

  • Score Brackets:
    • Song Reveal: Dec 10, 2018
    • Playing Time: Dec 24, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018
    • Result Annouce (or Tiebreaker if there is): Jan 6, 2019
      • Result Annouce (if with Tiebreaker): Jan 7, 2018
  • Accuracy Brackets:
    • Song Reveal: Dec 17, 2018
    • Playing Time: Dec 31, 2018 - Jan 6, 201…

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712a 712a 16 September 2018

Cytus II Dan Courses

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Update History
  • 3 Spreadsheets
  • 4 Clear Requirements
  • 5 All Courses
    • 5.1 Kindergarten (幼稚, Yochi) (Average Level: ?)
    • 5.2 Primary (小學, Shogaku) (Average Level:4.5)
    • 5.3 10th Kyu (十級) (Average Level:6.0)
    • 5.4 9th Kyu (九級) (Average Level:7.0)
    • 5.5 8th Kyu (八級) (Average Level:7.5)
    • 5.6 7th Kyu (七級) (Average Level:8.0)
    • 5.7 6th Kyu (六級) (Average Level:8.5)
    • 5.8 5th Kyu (五級) (Average Level:9.0)
    • 5.9 4th Kyu (四級) (Average Level:9.5)
    • 5.10 3rd Kyu (三級) (Average Level:10.0)
    • 5.11 2nd Kyu (二級) (Average Level:10.5)
    • 5.12 1st Kyu (一級) (Average Level:11.0)
    • 5.13 1st Dan (初段) (Average Level:12.0)
    • 5.14 2nd Dan (二段) (Average Level:12.0)
    • 5.15 3rd Dan (三段) (Average Level:12.0)
    • 5.16 4th Dan (四段) (Average Level:13.0)
    • 5.17 5th Dan (五段) (Average Level:13.0)
    • 5.18 6th Dan (六段) (Average Level:13.0)
    • 5.19 7th …
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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 7 August 2018

Truffles' Centennial Update Blog—The Su c c

love_live!_(series) alp looking_at_viewer order:quality

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Robonxt Robonxt 5 April 2018

Cytus II OST v1.0 (No Cherry Update) (Not from Youtube)

(To the admins and mods: If this is not allowed, please remove this. I don't want to get anyone in trouble)

Hello ladies and gents, boys and girls, humans and non-organic life forms!

I'm happy to release out the link for a complete album from Cytus II! This isn't your average soundtrack album recorded using YouTube or low quality rippers. It is song files directly extracted right out of the original game!

Declaimer: I did not extract the songs, I only cleaned and formatted the tags better. Unfortunately I forgot who did this, so if someone does claim credit, please thank them!

The Process

Download .IPA file and using a specialized software to read the files, export and save the files as .WAV and convert it to .MP3

Tag songs using MP3Tag or simil…

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Kht48 Kht48 1 April 2018

Hey Guys!

Hey, what's up! So happy Easter for those who celebrate it! And I see that some things have been given out by rayark as jokes (although I wish dearly that some were real). 

However, as a gift from me, I have decided to give a little gift to y'all. I have a small easter surprise for you guys to see, make sure to go the whole way through!  There is a lot to see here!

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great day, Happy Easter, and I'll see y'all later!

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 11 January 2018

Rambling about things

Don't worry, this blog isn't going to be an angry or miserable one. I don't really know what type of blog this is, to be honest, other than a crappy replacement for this month's update blog. I just have a lot of things on my mind right now, and rather than stressing myself out with finding a way to organize them all, I figured I'd just barf all my thoughts onto a page and leave it like that. So here we go.

To state what is effectively the catalyst for this whole ramble right away: I'm not going to be able to play C2 for a while. This is for a variety of reasons, with the main one being school, and all the time and money that it sucks away from me. Beyond that, I lack a proper iOS device to play the game on launch, and I simply cannot adjust…

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 8 January 2018

Reveal Behind Gameplay Song Coming Soon Section

Hi, guys. This is first time i make a blog on this wiki.

Okay, to the point. Here the list song name from Gameplay (Coming Soon) Section.

1. chrome_vox
2. samurai
3. light_of_buenos_aires
4. onnajisoranoshita
5. celestial_sound

And here the proof to make sure about post above...

Hi, guys. I found a picture cleaning version at gameplay section (Behind the blur effect). This picture contain 5 songs and artists at gameplay section. Okay, look at below this post....

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MelodiusHarmonies MelodiusHarmonies 4 January 2018

Level Nine Masters/S’s

I just thought I would share this with you guys as not many of my friends play Cytus nor do they care, and it just made me scream because STORIA? THAT’S INSANE!

Would this be classified as a good score? I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s average.

Even though none of you will probably notice this or reply, my question to you is, what gives you the best feeling on Cytus (like the music, mastering ect.) and what level 9 songs you’ve mastered/got an S on? Also do you think that there should be a different leveling system in Cytus s some some level 9’s are harder than others? Feel free to debate, I’ll join in as well, but no aggressiveness or hostility please.

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Kht48 Kht48 1 January 2018

Cytus II Predictions

Yep, just making one more to really make it somethin'. Also, SPOILER WARNING for those who haven't played Cytus yet.

Hey guys! I just decided to make 1 more blog to really close this year out with a bang (yes, this is what I'm classifying going out with a bang is like because I have a BAD cold right now. Also, the fireworks in my neighborhood don't come 'til AFTER 12 AM my time. PS. If it is already 2018 for y'all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!). So, to celebrate 2018, I am going to make predictions on Cytus II, which is coming out this/next month in January. I hope you enjoy this blog, and have a very happy new year!!

Here is how this will go, if I am right, there will be a check, if wrong, X, and if partially correct, a circle.

  • 1 Prediction #1 - Cytus II …

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Kht48 Kht48 30 December 2017

The 6th Character In Cytus II


Hey guys!! So if you have not gone to the C2 website yet, if you scroll all the way down, you get a promotional image that features the main 5 characters, and an extra, 6th character. She does not get an introduction, she was not reVealed in the trailer, she is just there in the art work. Below are two photos (that I edited, I'll explain later), of this 6th character.

These are screenshots of the arwork that I snapped and edited. On your left is a screencap of the full cast. On your right is a close up of the unknown character.  Now, if you look at the original, you know the image is not as brightly saturated as these two images are. But this is all sim…

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Kht48 Kht48 29 December 2017

Ranking Past Games (C2Celebration -Pt.1)

Hello! This is one of the blogs that I am posting for the Celebration of Cytus II! This one will be me ranking the last 3 rhythm games that Rayark has made : Cytus, Deemo, and VOEZ (in that order). If you are new to this wikia or the fandom in general, do not let this be a factor in what you want to play. Rayark is, and has always been, an amazing game developing company. I've never seen such high quality games be made in the app store before discovering Rayark, and I have been a fan since 2013. I've played all of these games for at least a year, and they are all great ones. Now, on to the list :

  • 1 #3...
  • 2 #2...
  • 3 #1...
    • 3.1 Conclusion

This game was the most recent one to be released, being officially open to play on May 26th, 2016. I wanted this to…

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Kht48 Kht48 28 December 2017

Ask Me Stuff! (Nearing Cytus II)

Hey guys!! So, It is less than 9 hours until the timer for CytusII runs out. In the mean time, ask me anything you want regarding what I think of the game! All of your questions will be feautured below when I edit them in. Ask as much as you please! I have more blogs to come!

(Rules : Comments HAVE TO BE RELEVANT TO RAYARK, or they will be deleted. Break this twice, and I am giving a personal warning.) (This will also only display answers, go to comments for the questions.)

  • If you think that your skills might get rusty from straying away from the game, then I would advise going back to it and practicing a bit before getting Cytus II. However, developers have confirmed that there are new features of the gameplay, so be mindful of that when yo…

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Jaryu18128 Jaryu18128 11 December 2017

About Cytus II's release date

If you haven't seen already, Rayark's page for Cytus II features a countdown (As of me writing this, it's at 435 hours). At its current rate, it should end on Dec 29/30 (depending on your time zone) However, this is before Cytus II's expected release date of January, so this might be some special announcement/contest/that sort of thing that Rayark has planned for us.

I'm going to make a different prediction for its release. After RayarkCon, a new song appeared for a day on VOEZ named Devilic Sphere. It's not playable anymore, but here's a video of it (spoilers: it's really hard!). Not only did this come with the hashtag #C2, but it was also featured as one of Robo_Head's songs. Since VOEZ loves doing things weekly, these might be like weekl…

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Kht48 Kht48 10 December 2017

What I Hope- And Don't Hope - For Cytus II!

Hey, guys, and guess what! IT'S MY COMEBACK BLOG!!! That's right, I'm not dead! I've just been going out a lot more recently. However, that is not the point. The new Cytus II trailer has been released, and has revealed that the game will be out in around less than a month from this very moment. So I have compiled of what I hope for Cytus II and DEFINITELY NOT HOPE for Cytus II in the near future. 

  1. They have multiple illustrators rather than just sticking to one set of illustrators. If there is one tidbit from the original Cytus that is more pointed out in future games rather than their first game (mainly Deemo), is the amount of variety that goes into each illustration of the whole soundtrack. Just search through this wikia, and you can see…

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 9 December 2017

Official trailer bois

I'm rarely ever the one making the promotional blogs on this Wiki, though I figured it'd be worth it for this occasion, since it marks this place finally having a purpose again.

Still not as delayed as Project Symphony, eh? :^)

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 7 December 2017

Truffles' Monthly Update Blog—The Teaser

Now including a proper usage of em dashes. Yay, grammar!

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CuboonoP CuboonoP 15 November 2017

My 30 Favorite Cytus Songs

Since blog posts seem to be what's "hip" right now, I thought, "Why not do that for Cytus too?" So, whoop-de-doo, here it is.

Cytus was my second music-rhythm game, behind Deemo.

Although I've only been playing Cytus for barely a year, I think I've had enough time to think about this. (Also, I don't think I've made a huge presence here as I have on the Deemo & Lanota Wikis... So, this is, basically, supposed to be an insight into some of my music tastes. Ya know, an icebreaker, learn a bit about me, etc.)

If you really want to know a little more about me, rather than striving to be the best rhythm game player, I dream of getting one of my own songs into one of these games instead. So, watch as I shamelessly promote this song as much as possib…

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MrGZJcool MrGZJcool 14 November 2017

Hey I'm Bored

So since I went down a trip on memory lane in the wikia, I decided to open up this blog of Q&A.

You guys can put questions down in the comment section and I will pick those good ones and answer them in the most non-sarcastic way possible.

I will do my best to not offend anyone.

So, fire them up.

Also today marks the 4th year I downloaded Cytus. Coolio.

  • Q (A Fandom User): hi. guess who i am?
    • A: Uh... I have no clue.
  • Q (A Fandom User): What's the most memorable part of your Cytus journey, be it as a player or as an organizer of events(CWC etc.)
    • A: CWC is one, but the most memorable (not being cheesy) part is probably the wikia, because it's the place of good memes.
  • Q (CuboonoP): What do you think will be the hardest part about editing the Wiki for Cy…

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 2 November 2017

Truffles' Monthly Update Blog - The Spoopiness

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 12 October 2017

Truffles' Monthly Update Blog - The Progression


Yeah, I ended up flat-out skipping an update blog because of a mix of being busy and being lazy. I figure I'll just roll with it though, since "monthly" sounds more commonly acceptable than "fortnightly" (though I still think "fortnightly" is an excellent word), and I'll be much less likely to have nothing to talk about if I'm covering month-long intervals. The next update will be at the very beginning of November, just to make things a little neater from thereon out.

However, to make up for the lack of a final fortnightly update, I can promise that this update is going to be packed with a lot more content than the last two. Not just because it's covering more time, but because a lot has happened recently, including multiple…

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 13 September 2017

Truffles' Fortnightly Update Blog - The Recovery

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 31 August 2017

Top Ten Most Poorly Made Charts in Cytus

ive been working on this all night be nice

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 29 August 2017

Truffles' Fortnightly Update Blog - The Inauguration

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 9 August 2017

The Highscore Project, A.K.A. My Cytabi

My future husband:

You might remember this blog being quite different if you've been here before. Well, what you're reading right now is a fresh start. A fresh start to finally breaking my rhythm gaming limits.

Welcome, one and all, to my Cytus Journey, or Cytabi for short. An idea originally developed by the endlessly talented and charming Fadosious, (just take me pls dad) and slightly modified to fit a quicker and more rigorous training schedule by yours truly. Though I implore you to check out the original, (check the link above; it's in video format, too) I'll be explaining the rules afresh here.

Click "Expand" to see the rules for the Cytabi! --->

  • 1 Da Rules
  • 2 Achievement Record
    • 2.1 Sept…

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 8 July 2017

Things That Suck About Playing Mobile Rhythm Games

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Zachary Llanos Zachary Llanos 5 May 2017

Fill in the Blanks

There are many edits that have to be done, this will be a spot to figure out what still needs to be done.

If any topic is already done, it has been proofread and completely filled with information will be struck out.

If anything else needs to be done, filling the blanks with information or edits for grammar, say so in the comments.

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Pit-Stain Pit-Stain 12 March 2017

QnA in 2017 LUL

ay isha boi pitstain here back with a whacky QnA and a blog with zero panctuation not what you expected from more than a year of blog inactivity in a dead wiki about a dead game but who cares haha what an original joke I can already see the humour potential (ily Wutsu)

ill be much less funnier and upbeat because you know age gets to you and you turn into an edgy teenager who is still attempting to kill himself btw im 12 (dont worry guys im not killing myself)

so why am I doing this QnA you ask well you see I just thought about it and you kn- just freaking kill me already

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 26 January 2017

new countdown soon™

So, um, it's been a while.

Now that Cytus II is being teased, it's time for me to focus on making another list.

This'll probably be my last countdown.

No, it's not going to be some stupid series of lists, or a Top 2000, or anything stupid like that.

It's only going to be a Top 10.

The concept is really simple, and I probably won't have anything profound or impactful to say about the entries.

In fact, my dialogue on this topic will probably be nothing short of vague.

I just like the idea.

If you didn't notice, I purposefully made this blog in the same layout as my first one.

I'm not going to make a dumb meme about it this time, though.

See y'all soon.

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Pipefan618 Pipefan618 18 January 2017


inb4 no one cares at all....

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Deathnylon Deathnylon 3 January 2017

A story that I heard.

Hello world. Deathnylon here, nobody else but the only deathnylon, some random guy living in Taiwan and said to be connected with the Cytus team or something, whatever you say.

What I heard is that as a friend of mine has been so depressed after the 9.0 release that he literally stepped back from the production crew and focused on other works, leaving Chapter L as a forgotten work (the chapter in Cytus, but not the story). Hope I didn't say who the person was.

Maybe a final trivia in ∞ Fields is that the morse code was not hacked yet. That might also marked his reason for releasing no songs in any games in 2016.

Or maybe, some Japanese ramen might cheer my friend up...?

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 27 November 2016

How To Make Charts For Your Favourite Mobile Rhythm Games

i brazenly showed off my legs for this

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Ardoniel Ardoniel 24 November 2016

Just leaving this here... . .

So, as you guys know, I was off of the wikia for quite some time. (My last contribution was ~2 months ago in Music Box)

The thing is, I'm going through what my seniors say "the hardest semester", and no doubt, it really is. (Seriously, 6 weekly lab reports, and 4 of the are hand-written at least 6 full pages, what the heck?!). (I wrote this earlier in Word in my procrastinations, btw. I just copy-paste it here with additional edit.)

Too much thinking and working of those reports, and I haven't touched the game nor seeing the wiki. Heck, I even abandon my "ideas of fanmade chapter" in Cytus Fanon Wiki (almost) all over.

What I want to say is that I miss my hype for the game. I miss those times where the community was so active (and friendly, too). …

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WheatyTruffles WheatyTruffles 6 November 2016

Getting a few things off my chest

I'm going to try to make this concise, as I want this message to get across without a chance of misconception or drama.

First of all, I've deleted Cytus. This wasn't for any emotional or situational reason, but rather a fact that became quite obvious after thinking about it for a little while. I no longer like the game. Now, that isn't to say I hate it. I still highly appreciate how ingenious this game was, and to an extent, still is. I also appreciate how much fun it gave me over the two and a half years I played it. But I simply find no more entertainment in playing it. I could go into a whole bunch of reasons as to why that is, but, again, I'd rather just leave it as it is. Again, trying to be concise. I'll simply say that it was around …

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