Cytus Wiki

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 3 9
4.5 4 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    303 on Easy (95.28%), 484 on Hard (88.16%)
  • Hold notes
    5 on Easy (1.57%), 23 on Hard (4.19%)
  • Drag notes
    10 on Easy (3.15%), 42 on Hard (7.65%)


  • This is the shortest song in Chapter 5.
  • This is also the shortest ani song.
  • This is one of the 2 songs made by ani in Cytus without vocals. The other is D R G.
  • This is one of six songs brought over to Cytus II.
    • Incidentally, D R G was also brought over.
    • These two songs were also remixed into CHAOS.
    • In Cytus II, onoken is listed as both songs' composer.

Helpful Info[]

Sounds metal! I found this to be deceiving due to the 11-notes you'll have to rush through and the zig-zag track + click note patterns that follows with rush notes is a pain... But I did 3 MMs on this song in a row...? Something really random, depends on which day it is to get the click + drag patterns.


This is one of my favorite songs in cytus. The tempo is very straight-forward, therefore it is very easy to get a good TP. Get rid of all the patterns and you will succeed.


This song has a relatively quick scan line, and at the front part, beware of the 2,1,2,1,2 tap chart. And at the end, it gets really messy. So study the chart.


This is very likely the hardest song in Chapter V. It has a fast scan line, so be prepared.


Those vibes though. The scan line is pretty fast, so make sure to time those double notes well. Prepare yourself for a triple note somewhere.


My worst enemy.... Alternating double notes.


In easy mode, near the end of the song, note that there is a hidden note in the 4 grouped notes. The only note groups I despise were the 2-1-2-1-2 and the zigzag slide-taps. I mastered it already.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

I loved the Cover Art, But hated the Chart, So Hard


The last song in Chapter 5 that I MM'd. Despite that, I love the metal feeling of it, but I also hate the zigzag & rapid clicks near the end... Oh, and don't forget the compact note 2-1-2-1-2-1-2 in the beginning, they're a super effective killer!


Short, but dangerous.