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The night where a girl fell because of Gravity.

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Aroma is a main character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. She was released with the 1.7 update. Currently, Aroma has 11 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 27.


A young girl who lost her memory due to a car accident. With support from her family, she was able to return to her path of becoming an idol once again. The young girl took over Node 08 by storm. Appearing on every electronic screen imaginable, big or small, she garnered thousands of devoted fans. People were mesmerized by her beautiful voice, and her amazing presence on-stage drew loud cheers wherever she goes.

Before the 7th Anniversary of her debut, the young girl received a mysterious letter: a performance invitation from the legendary DJ──Æsir

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Aroma's song list debuts THE SxPLAY, Jenny, Iris, Ruri Matsumura, Xinevsky, Ayy, IMANI and MINEXO.

Result Screen Quotes[]

"I'm sorry, I... I don't want to talk." "Maybe... it's better that you work a little harder?" "I can feel your emotions..." "I... really like it a lot." "It's beautiful... It really is." "You... You must really love singing... just like me."
"I don't feel so good..." "I... don't know how to say it. I'm sorry..." "You're very... focused when you sing." "Feels nice; the atmosphere is so comfortable..." "Amazing. I want to hear it again..." "Ah, I... I was too engrossed in the music. Sorry..."
"v̶̡̡̛͞=̶͢͟҉̸à̸͏f͢͢͝\\\\̴̨̢͜͞S̡͜ẁ̵K̨̡͡+̶̸̕<̡́͘͝*͜͞~̷̨̀͡" "Why are you sulking? Cheer up! You can try again!" "If you look so worried, your voice won't sound good either! Keep fighting!" "It was so good! I want to hear you sing some more!" "Great job! Would you let me accompany you till the end of this song?" "The "music world" of my dreams... You have to be there with me."


  • The theme of Aroma was arranged by SIHanatsuka.
  • All the art illustrations are made by Zavir and Matoc.
  • A unique logo is in every one of Aroma's songs, except Beautiful Lie.