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Cytus Million - Persona - Area 184 - Platium Mix -

Difficulty Change log

Version Easy Hard
8.0 5 9


  • In Hard Mode, there is a similar Easter egg as Area184, where there are notes forming "A, R, E, A, 1, 8,
    4, P", for "Area184 -Platinum Mix-".
  • This song is a remix of Area184Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, and Red Eyes.
  • The name of the song was misspelled as "Area 184 -Platium Mix-" while playing the song, in the results screen, and in the Cytus 8.0 trailer. In the 9.0 update, they rectified the mistake.
  • This is the longest Persona song.
  • This is one of the songs that the tempo will change depending on the difficulty.

Note Statistics

  • Click notes
    343 on Easy (67.12%), 739 on Hard (59.60%)
  • Hold notes
    60 on Easy (11.74%), 145 on Hard (11.69%)
  • Drag notes
    108 on Easy (21.14%), 356 on Hard (28.71%)

Helpful Info

New Record! A song with 8 killers at my calculations.
— SuperK2
The middle part... OH GOD ITZ KILLER */%?@#^ DAT KILLER
— Sweet'N'Sour'Me
If you want a faster, more challenging version of Area 184, play this.
— pipefan618

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