Cytus Wiki

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
3.0 6 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    289 on Easy (81.18%), 483 on Hard (71.24%)
  • Hold notes
    34 on Easy (9.55%), 57 on Hard (8.41%)
  • Drag notes
    33 on Easy (9.27%), 138 on Hard (20.35%)


Area 184 easteregg
  • In the Hard difficulty, the last 7 groups of notes resembles the word "AREA184". The number 8 is formed by 2 groups of notes that come one after another.
    • This can also be seen in the Chaos difficulty in Cytus II.
  • This song has a BPM of 184, a reference to the song's name. The same holds true for its remixed version, Area184 -Platinum Mix-.
  • Some patterns in the Chaos difficulty of Cytus II has some patterns from Area184 -Platinum Mix-.
  • This is one of six songs brought over to Cytus II.
    • This song was also remixed into CHAOS.
    • This also makes it the only song that appears in Cytus, Cytus II and Cytus OMEGA.

Helpful Info[]

This pretty much shows how Persona (Tatsh) composes songs. Sounds like you'd listen to this at night when you see the stars. Perhaps you'll really see stars due to the alternate swapping of hands to click according to the beat/melody. You may have to tap your left hand to the beat and right hand to the accompanying parts, and swap at the next bar. Like GZJ, I'd say this song is pretty rhythmical, and look out for my ACHC.


This is probably the second hardest song in the chapter, beware.


I kept mastering this song in hard mode for more than ten times. I even MMed it in Default, Grouped and None appearances of the notes. Nothing is ever different.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

IMO, this song is really easy if you know the rhythm well. Tricky part is in the front, so it is best to study YouTubers play.


This song is one of the... hardest of the easier songs in Cytus. Chill, workin' fast won't help you with this. Study the chart, the rhythm carefully and DON'T spam. It could only take you a few days to MM this. Both chart-wise and music-wise, i find this song just...amazing, although it took me months before i could MM it. But after getting the MM, I could MM this all the time! As you can see, study the chart and you'll be just fine.

Dr. Breakfast

It's like aliens left a note saying: 12-15-15-11 6-15-18 1-18-5-1 184. (Look for Area 184.)


Slow scan lines aren't really good...


I've played this chart a lot, and it's grown on me. The hardest part is in the earlier section, with the 3-1 asymmetrical patterns that switch hands. The hold and clicks all follow the beat strongly; you need understanding to make sense of it. The ending isn't a piece of cake either, with lots of overlaps that may not seem to match the beat(unless you play this chart a lot). Probably one of my favorite songs both chart and song-wise.


This one is tricky on the scan line because it's so SLOWWWWWWWW. But I think you will be able to enjoy both the song and the chart. (Well for me yes but I don't know what do think.)

Zachary Llanos