Cytus Wiki



Cytus - Aquatic Poseidon

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 3 7
4.5 4 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    141 on Easy (51.84%), 340 on Hard (70.26%)
  • Hold notes
    28 on Easy (10.29%), 45 on Hard (9.29%)
  • Drag notes
    103 on Easy (37.87%), 99 on Hard (20.45%)

Helpful Info[]

Cool song! I thought this one had to have a better chart. It's way too underrated. I loved this type of beats tho. And what I told you in Hard Landing is probably gonna help. However you can use 2 fingers to reach the dots as you slide up and down.


This song has a killer that killed me for 6 months until I finally mastered this piece of Shoot out. Anyways, follow a left hand slide to hold and a right hand tap for the killer (repeat by switching hands).


The hold + drag pattern always gets me all the time. Make sure your hands and screen are optimized for drag notes (try making it a little slippery). Only, and only if dragging the notes doesn't do it for you, try treating them like single notes.

Plattie 99

This song has some cool killers, it's easy to pass through, but somehow, i always get at least 1 good. I just need to use 2 fingers each side, slide the zig-zag and slip your way right in the hold notes.

Dr. Breakfast

This song shouldn't be a lvl 8. Stupid hold notes...


Hard for a zigzag drags haters like me, but this is actually easier than Dino. The killer requires you to react quickly to the upcoming hold & click though.


Quick reflexes is what you need.