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It doesn't matter how sad I get, or how much I lose... As long as they're by my side, I always have the power to get back up.

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Amiya is a playable character in Cytus II, and is one of the 25 playable characters. Currently, Amiya has 10 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 20.


Some time in the past, the A.R.C began development of a fantasy-themed virtual block named Arc Nights... began but never completed. For years, it was nothing more than a mysterious rumor talked about by cyTus users. Then one day, as destiny would have it, Aroma, struggling with her fear of performing on stage, gets the chance to test out a new device. A device that thrusts her into a desolate wilderness stretching as far as the eye can see. There she encounters Amiya, the leader of a certain pharmaceutical company, and embarks on an adventure across this strange new world. Little does she know, everything can be traced back to a long-forgotten page of history...


Amiya's song list debuts the following artists: Obadiah Brown-Beach, Jason Walsh, Steven Grove, David Western and DJ Okawari.

Amiya Songs
Player Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length Release DLC
YouTube Boiling Blood Jason Walsh 5 8 14 163 2:55 4.4.5
YouTube Renegade Jason Walsh 3 7 12 154 2:55 4.4.5
YouTube ALIVE Obadiah Brown-Beach 4 9 14 125 2:42 4.4.5
YouTube Operation Pyrite Jason Walsh 5 8 13 132 3:14 4.4.5
YouTube Evolutionary Mechanization Steven Grove 4 7 13 120 2:42 4.4.5
El Brillo Solitario Steven Grove 4 7 13 200 2:52 4.4.5
YouTube Operation Blade Obadiah Brown-Beach 4 7 12 125 2:50 4.4.5
YouTube Keep the torch Obadiah Brown-Beach 2 6 12 125 2:35 4.4.5
YouTube ManiFesto David Westborn 3 7 12 155 2:33 4.4.5
YouTube Speed of Light DJ Okawari 4 6 11 112 2:54 4.4.5

Result Screen Quotes

"Unfortunately, we can't stop here... Absolutely not." "Don't force yourself... Take my hand... breathe..." "... This isn't your full potential... right?" "Great work. Take a rest." "Such bright tones! I love it." "I can feel it. You really gave it your all..."
"... For the sake of everyone... I have to work even harder..." "M-Maybe... Dr. Kal'tsit can help you..." "As long as we all support each other, a few small mistakes don't matter." "That tune really lifted my spirits. Thanks." "Rhodes Island is lucky to have you." "This melody... it makes me feel like... I can forget the cold of my homeland."
""We've got a long way to go"... But it's still my duty to protect this place." "Don't... Don't try to tick me off." "Have I... changed a little?" "This is no time to rest. You can do even better." "It reminds me of the happiness I felt the first time I picked up a violin..." "Come on... Let's go "home""


  • Amiya is a collaboration character from the strategic tower-defense gacha game, Arknights.
  • She has the most songs available from the start of any character (8 out of 10).
  • Her theme also contains that of Paff, indicating the protagonist roles of the two in the DLC.
  • Amiya canonically plays the violin as a hobby, and the violin solo in her theme may be a reference to this.