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Alive: The Silence
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Alive: The Lost
Icon Artist VILA Genre Instrumental
Vocal N/A Cover Art No Info Chart Design No Info
Number A-5 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 7:06 Easy 5 835
BPM 111-145 Hard 9 1564


Cytus - Alive - Vanessa

Cytus - Alive - Vanessa

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
6.0 5 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    518 on Easy (62.04%), 906 on Hard (57.93%)
  • Hold notes
    177 on Easy (21.20%), 116 on Hard (7.42%)
  • Drag notes
    140 on Easy (16.76%), 542 on Hard (34.65%)


  • This is the second longest song in the game, only 31 seconds less than L2 : Ascension To The Upper.
  • This is the only Alive song to have Hard difficulty of 9.
  • Among all lv5 songs, this song has the most notes.
  • If you look closely, you can see the robot head on the grayscale half of the artwork is broken open and inside is what seems to be a skull.

Cutscene(s) Edit

Cleaned VersionEdit

Helpful InfoEdit

So.... so many killers in this song... especially the drag+8 group notes... about the song? It's realy epic, okay. That's it.
— CBeatricia
So, the click+drag comboes screw me up all the time... The bad part about the drags is that, unlike First Gate, the drags are 3-sided, so you have to fast enough to move your hands over it.
— CookiesNWaffles
This is pretty hard for me. Long song-> hard to keep your combo. I have no problem with the click+drag combo. But the only thing that always screw me: the uneven 8-note groups. I'm terrible in 8-note group. BTW, the music is haunting. Can't stop listening to this. Fun fact: i'm listening to the song.
— Dr. Breakfast
Beginning : Easy, First Solo Guitar comes : Getting Hard. The Slides here can cause you a "Bad" if you do not move your finger away from the screen quickly. After the first stop is easy. 8-grouped notes are quite compact so beware of it. The Click+Drag is my biggest killer. And after the first cutscene the difficulty restart... And the drags in the end have to be carefully handled for your own score. I finally MMed it so I don't think I'd want to play this 7-minute chaos anymore.
— KuwamotoMisuke
Quite easy at first but gets harder until cutscene. Like Kuwamoto said, there is a difficulty restart. I feel so bad for Vanessa because she lost her family..
— DropletKloud
Great.... now I MMed it twice and got TP99.53 somehow. The trick on the V killers are... you know... well... same trick as Violet. you don't have to zigzag move your fingers-- they might confuse you. I don't even need to panic in the second half.
— Aviel S.XY
Beware the 8 group notes. The click+drag combo is not hard, just swipe it with two fingers.
— Mentholzzz

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