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Icon Artist Sta Genre No Info
Vocal N/A Cover Art No Info Chart Design No Info
Number A-4 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 3:52 Easy 3 394
BPM 162 Hard 7 732


Cytus - Alive - The Silence

Cytus - Alive - The Silence


  • This song should not be confused with The Silence in Chapter 1, which is also by Sta. 
  • This song is actually the remixed version of the Operators for the Alive soundtrack. 
  • The full name was "The Silence (The Quiet Cube Mix)" 


  • The cutscene shows the bass clef with a whole rest. In music, a whole rest is an empty space where no notes are played throughout a bar. Since there are no separate bars, the whole rest represents the silence.


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The Wikians say...

Cindy Serenity: 

As I said in my user page, I like all sta's songs, and this one is my 2nd favorite after Alive: The Lost. This song has a quite fast scan line BPM. Beware of those tricky hold notes that appear in the middle, since it will lead you to miss a note if you're not careful. I have MMed this around 72 times (12 consecutive MMs). 


This is my favorite Cytus Alive song. Such remix is fantastic! Make sure you're attentive with the hold notes long enough, for violins' sake. :D


Probably my 3rd favorite of the Alive songs. Nothing to be aware of here, just the fast scan line.


If anything, along with L2B, the violins add to some annoyance if you can't grasp the timing for all the tricky hold notes. Some listening to the music itself can help.
Cytus ACHC Alive The Silence

Fairly overrated

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