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Icon Artist Cranky Genre No Info
Vocal N/A Cover Art No Info Chart Design No Info
Number A-10 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 4:55 Easy 1 1
BPM 75 Hard 1 1


Cytus - Alive - The New World

Cytus - Alive - The New World

Difficulty Change logEdit

Version Easy Hard
6.0 1 1

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    1 on Easy (100.00%), 1 on Hard (100.00%)
  • Hold notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 0 on Hard (0.00%)
  • Drag notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 0 on Hard (0.00%)


  • This song has only 1 note. It comes at the end after 3 circular rims revolve around the one note for some time.
  • This song, along with Freedom D↓ve, L, L2 - Ascension: Act 1 (Loneliness), L2 - Ascension: Act 2 (Liberation), and all old charts of Chapter L, are songs to have the same difficulty level for both Easy and Hard Mode.
  • Before update 6.1, Rayark forgot to credit a majority of composers and misspelled "Qrabit" as "Qraqbit"
  • The only way to pass is if you hit a Perfect. No other ratings will even give you a C Rating.
    • A Miss will give you 0, a Bad will give you 270,000; and a Good will give you 630,000.
    • A Perfect gives you 1,000,000. However, hitting a Black Perfect gives you 70TP, while a Colored Perfect gives you 100TP.

Cutscenes Edit

Cleaned VersionEdit

Helpful InfoEdit

Timing is key....wait...


...*restarts whole song again*.

— MrGZJcool
1200 conseq. MM with total of 1198 times 100TPs (I know I'm insane)
— Cindy Serenity
.*taps on Hard* *le play*

"Level 1?"

[Almost five minutes later...]

.*le tap*

"Million Master TP100, woo!"

Yep, one note. On Easy and Hard. I really hope you can master it too.

— Semi-Squishy 3000
Why am I making ACHC for this? Oh anyway, I noticed some composers had a hand in mapping songs, and I immediately suspected the person who mapped the Trio From Hell. Then I thought, "It's a song, if the score is still 0, then shouldn't there be at least 1 note..."

That's when I saw it, caught it right there. TP100, MM... 'Nuff said. Same goes for Easy.

— CookiesNWaffles
"You"? of course... "Us". jeez... no problem Rayark... we gave money to you and fulfill that MDP....
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
WoW TP100 First Try...Epic Chart Forever
— Mentholzzz
*Bored* *Yawns* *Sleeps* *Woke Up* *Miss!* *Throws Tab out of the window*
— SuperK2
When I was a beginner, I said, "How can I get an MM in Cytus?" *Searching in Google* I tried it...YEY! My first MM in Cytus.
— Zachary Llanos

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