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Cytus - Alive - Disaster

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 2 6

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    574 on Easy (88.89%), 934 on Hard (82.07%)
  • Hold notes
    62 on Easy (9.61%), 67 on Hard (5.89%)
  • Drag notes
    9 on Easy (1.40%), 137 on Hard (12.04%)


Go a long, long way to her homeland,
They took, took you but I'm married for long.
Dance, dance all other memories, (yes...)
I look from the wish I calmed down. (wrong!)
They went stuck with the eyes of twilight.
They rest, rest until the end of twilought.
And he chained me up to the last blow.
I look strong, I wish I've grown blasters.
Deep, my heart blown that leaf you didn't love.
It then ran in CD, didn't we?
Again, we eat our very scared little lunch.
And then, let's hold on one anyway to you and me.

None of these dreams rhyme on this strange language, "Pilchana". [I & II]
(And in my dream, and in my drum rock the blues, "Pilchana". [III])
None of my minds in this darn Instagram. Inside, these are lies, uh...
Try to hear me, try to reach for invent our memories.
We need a dream in this outroduction.

Disaster... Yeah...Yeah...

Too lost? Call that a fan? There with me,
Just stood, stood here as Eskimos.
Dance, to dance to, I'll buy your permifume oh...
I keep my fill hostile...
How's shots raise the ends our fly low?
I, I'll give you realm zones start to choose.
Read, read out to the last dome...mmm...
I would from mine, my sugar blaster.
Oh, my heart knows my life, your life!
Oh, the valid seaweed, they're real!
That's not okay! Our brand is a little lost!
And then, we hold on one anyway to you and me.



  • Among all Lv2 and Lv6 songs, this song has the most notes.
    • It's currently the only Lv6 song to have more than 1000 notes.
      • It beats Alive: Buried by just 1 note.
      • The max combo on Hard is a reference to THX 1138; a movie based on computers and robots.


Cleaned Version[]

Helpful Info[]

This is one of the songs that make me angry because when I tap the notes the score won't come out fast maybe every 100 notes go 100000. If you have this problem It cannot be solved because the song is long :p

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

A really long song, that however, keeps you patient because of its wide spread of notes, not much hazardous parts in here. Patience. And you'll probably hate it for the little satisfaction you get from tapping each note (too many notes :P)


This song would be really easy if it was only 2 minutes long. Indeed, a 7 minutes long challenge like Disaster increases greatly the chances of getting caught off by notes that you didn't expect to appear. This song is really good otherwise, so there's that at least.