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Cytus - Alive - Buried

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 4 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    476 on Easy (70.31%), 696 on Hard (61.21%)
  • Hold notes
    161 on Easy (23.78%), 156 on Hard (13.72%)
  • Drag notes
    40 on Easy (5.91%), 285 on Hard (25.07%)


  • This is the longest Sta song. It beats Alive: Disaster by 2 seconds.
  • This song uses samples from Alive: Disaster during the string instrument parts.
  • At the start, a robot's hand (likely Vanessa's) is shown turning something off. It seems to be a power button of sorts, since in the second cutscene, robot-bodies are shown falling (deactivating) behind the culprit.
  • The logo of this song has a shape similar to that of a red spider lily flower, which is often used in funerals by Japanese people. Hence the relation to the title of the song "Buried"
  • There is an easter egg in the On/Off cutscene where if you look closely, you can see that one of the lines of code behind Vanessa's arm is not code, but a web address. The web address is actually real, and takes you to if typed into a web browser.


Cleaned Version[]

Helpful Info[]

This is my 2nd favourite in all Cytus Alive songs, with slightly repeated drum beats which add dynamics to this already great song. The importance here is coordination, with hold notes (melody) along with click notes (beats), and the hold-plus-drag comboes occasionally appear here. Just bend 'round the corners.


My favorite Alive song used to be The Silence, but now Buried really is the real one. The important thing is that you can stand it without yawning, and be careful with the hold-click, they can really kill you if you didn't learn both the music and the beat. Drags can also make you turn the table because of the TP.


This song's real challenge is the holds + clicks at the cello parts: fair amounts of timing and coordination are needed to overcome them. Remove those parts and this song becomes actually pretty easy.