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Cytus - Alive - Another Me-0

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
6.0 3 6

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    591 on Easy (94.26%), 751 on Hard (95.79%)
  • Hold notes
    36 on Easy (5.74%), 27 on Hard (3.44%)
  • Drag notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 6 on Hard (0.77%)


I found they ever seen my dream,
As it goes on, I forget it. Fun's clear.
I found the others found our room...
With thrust it beats, I forget it was a dream.
Have you feel like a sound?
Have you feel like goodbye?
It's I believed, that could broke when I find you, kid...
Have you felt like (that I) could come?
Have you felt like you're lost?
My, it does seem like a bust, my kryptonite me.

Say "Don't, rebels!" Somewhere I will stay. (yeah... [2x])
♦:(I) Sail like all the subway sounded.
I could find a ship, Dad, oh, can I?
[I]Crystals over distant cheers (yeah... [2x])[Back to ♦]
[II]As they don't rebel...(yeah... [2x])[2x]

I'm sure though, this is point, no one turn.
I'm sure it will like it is took,.
It was completely out of control.
With thrust it beats, I forget it was a dream.
Does he read like (I'm) complete?
Does he read like I'm seeing?
See me long most the light, so please, like you, I read.
Have you felt like that I could come?
Yeah, it feels the same, like mine.
But it does seem like a bust, my kryptonite me.



  • Among all Lv3 songs, this song has the most notes.
  • The title of the song matches the cover art, which shows Vanessa seeing her own self in a capsule.


IMG 0603

Cleaned Version[]

Helpful Info[]

Heh, repetitive patterns build patience.


The sexiest part of the song? Very hard to tell. "ah" that's what.

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

This song is like the Twilight Saga Soundtrack, this relaxes me for sleeping, and the chapter...MM...too hard.....