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Exploration Area[]

Alice song select

Object Analysis 1 | A Strange Diary[]



  • Once all 8 criteria are met, analysis of the object rewards the EASY, HARD and CHAOS charts for the track, To next page by kamone sano.
    1. In the Alice exploration area, check the following: The note on the bookshelf.
    2. Play Living in The One on any difficulty level.
    3. Get Alice's character score to 7,000,000 or higher.
    4. Read the Alice OS file: Audio_Girl'sRoom_AL11.
    5. Play I hate to tell you on HARD.
    6. Play Utopiosphere on HARD and get a combo of 100 or higher.
    7. Get Alice to level 16
    8. Play 都市の呼吸 on HARD and get a grade of TP80 or higher