... You play the piano. the tree will grow... If the window in the sky opens, then I can get out.
— Alice
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Alice is a collaboration character in Cytus II and is one of the 21 playable characters. She was released with the 3.4.5 update. Currently, Alice has 11 songs, and maxes out at Lv. 20.




Alice Free Songs
Song Artist Easy Hard Chaos Glitch BPM Length
ANiMA xi 5 10 15 183.5 1:59
Friction HAMO from Mili 3 7 12 130 2:40
I hate to tell you Yuk-cheung Chun 3 8 12 120 2:52
Legacy (Alice) switchworks 2 5 9 130 2:03
Living In The One Edmund Fu 3 7 10 30-140 2:50
Marigold M2U 4 9 15 160 2:33
The Beautiful Moonlight Mai Aoyagi 2 7 10 33.7-74 3:06
To next page kamome sano 3 8 12 176 2:32
Utopiosphere MILI 3 7 11 176 2:14
YUBIKIRI-GENMAN Mili 2 6 9 31-146 3:04
都市の呼吸 technoplanet feat. 岡聡志 3 7 13 120 2:30


  • The theme of Alice was arranged by SIHanatsuka.
  • Alice is the first collaboration character who has songs with the level 15 difficulty.
  • Alice was the first character to utilize the exploration system (OA).
  • Alice is the first character who had a special chart with "Piano" mechanics.
  • Also, she is the first collaboration character who has post-release content.

Exploration System (OA)

In the exploration area, the following can be observed for flavor text:

  1. Children's story books
  2. Inkwell
  3. Celia
  4. Antique lantern
  5. Written paper

A Strange Diary

Once all 8 criteria are met, analysis of the object rewards the EASY, HARD and CHAOS charts for the track, To next page by kamone sano

  1. Criteria: In the Alice exploration area, check the following: The note on the bookshelf.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce05
  2. Criteria: Play Living in The One on any difficulty level.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce06
  3. Criteria: Get Alice's character score to 7,000,000 or higher.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce09
  4. Criteria: Read the Alice OS file: Audio_Girl'sRoom_AL11.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce11
  5. Criteria: Play I hate to tell you on HARD.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce12
  6. Criteria: Play Utopiosphere on HARD and get a combo of 100 or higher.
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce18
  7. Criteria: Get Alice to level 16
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce23
  8. Criteria: Play 都市の呼吸 on HARD and get a grade of TP80 or higher
    1. Unlocks: Diary_Ce30

Result Screen Quotes


"Oh... The tree isn't growing very much..."

"I... I don't know how to teach you..."

"!? (Covers her ears)"


"Oh... It was so hard to remember... and you forgot the melody..."

"...... (Tilts Head)"

"No... you're not him..."


"You can do it! You've got to believe in yourself!"

"If you want to get better, you've got to practice."

"Not like that... I'll teach you!"


“Can you play it one more time for me? (Rolls up her sleeve)"

"Uh-huh! You're much better than I am!"

"Seeing you work so hard... gives me courage..."


"Wah! If you keep playing like that, the tree will grow for sure!"

"Just a little bit off."

"... Can we make a promise?"


"You sound as good as he does!"

"Exactly like I remember it..."



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