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Alex Flynn a.k.a Jackal, at your service!


Alex Flynn, or more commonly known by his nickname Jackal, is a non-playable character in Cytus II. He is part of Sagar's exploration team, Eagle-01.


"I'm Alex, otherwise known as Jackal. This'll jog your memory, Bambi? You move up in the ranks and you can face the champion, me. Why'd you disappear like that? Scared?"


Alex is a rowdy, disobedient and noisy individual who enjoys the thrill of danger and loves dragging himself into risky situations, even when the consequences don't end up in his favor, as he doesn't learn from his mistakes. He speaks with vulgar language, and gets easily agitated when people don't listen to him or try giving him attitude. Though, thanks to Eagle-01, he often gets put in his place.


He was originally one of the champions at UFZ, a place Sagar visited in order to battle and gain money, which, in the end, he did not take. Alex himself never fought Sagar at said place, but hunted him down afterwards, approaching him to challenge him for a fight. Sagar refused, saying he quit fighting, to which Alex considered him a coward and provoked him in order to get what he wanted. In the end, they fought, with Sagar victorious, leaving Alex incredibly furious, declaring a rivalry with him.

They meet again one year later at A.R.C, where they both apply for the same exploration team. Alex's only reason for applying was to get back at Sagar, claiming he was "out for him," and their rivalry only grew from there. However, by meeting Bruno, another candidate for the team, they eventually learned how to work as a duo, though unintentionally, and left their previous conflict behind. Their outstanding ability to work together under high risk situations got both them and Bruno into Eagle-01, and today, the three of them along with Lucy form the team. Alex still provokes Sagar from time to time, though simply for fun, and not out of spite like in the past.