Cytus Wiki


Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 7 9

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    383 on Easy (87.05%), 583 on Hard (77.73%)
  • Hold notes
    21 on Easy (4.77%), 17 on Hard (2.27%)
  • Drag notes
    36 on Easy (8.18%), 150 on Hard (20.00%)


  • The Runic alphabet is featured in AXION's artwork. Runes were used by ancient Germanic populations (like Vikings) and Scandinavians.
  • This is the only song by sakuzyo where his Japanese alias was used ("削除").
  • This song was used at Wire Puller 2.
  • This song is also in Groove Coaster, DJMAX RESPECT, Muse Dash, and Sound Voltex.
  • Another version of this song's cover can be found on SnowEgg's pixiv.
  • Axions are particles with a very low mass, theorized by some physicists to be a component of cold dark matter.

Helpful Info[]

This is probably my third or fourth hardest song in the game. Consecutive triple notes are quite harsh, but the relentless drag-click-drag tires me hands most. But anyways, this is one epic song, and the BMS video is epic too...


This song is definite difficult, with drag-click-drag notes as the Wikian above stated. Also consecutive triple-notes can constantly break combos. The rest of the song is much better. You should definitely use two hands and move them along the drag-click-drag combos. Pure speed and reflexes again. But Squishy, I'm not deterred at all by the three-note groups, and I have a freaking S which is due to a terrible Miss... :(


This has a difficult note chart. The double tap double slides kill me. Either way, the easiest way to do this is to tap with one left finger on right finger and slide both with one hand, and switch (right finger left finger other hand slide).


Am I the only one not deterred by the triple notes? The flood of doubles is much harder IMO.

Semi-Squishy 3000

A hard 9, but it's not as hard as you think.


This song is quite difficult for a level 9, there are tap notes placed between 2 drags, 7-note groups (which may be harder than 8-note groups) and alot of triple notes...


The double-tap-double-slide kills me everytime.... but I somehow MM it. IMO triple notes are easy if you just use 2 fingers from a hand and 1 finger from another (sometimes 1 hand's 3 fingers don't work IDK)


These three notes could kill any combo--- Pretend that you're playing a 3/4 song during the killers. I don't know about the slides two taps tho but switch hands?

Aviel S.XY

The double-tap-double-slide is the hardest of the song, so be careful in the beginning and the very end. However, if it your first time playing, be wary of the triple clicks in the songs. It's the same for STORIA. Anyway, this song is incredibly amazing and you should play it!


This one sounds really scary because of the front part. The kind of thing that when you play it the first time, you feel harshly the weight of inexperience. Come back after you mastered quite a few songs and practice your quickness before you can even hope to master it. Practice your coordination too, you'll need it at the cramped double and triple taps.