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Unlock Requirement

  • Purchase the song pack "Game Disc vol.1" in the Black Market.


  • As of August 2020, this song is no longer available in Chinese localizations of the game because Ice announced his support of the Taiwan Freedom Movement


  • The title of the song can be translated to “Three Little Devils' Retreat!?”
  • The credited artist "101-202-404" could be a reference to the song "Fascination MAXX" from the game DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA where it's artist was labeled as "100-200-400".
    • However, unlike in Fascination MAXX, in which the labeled artist’s name are the only BPM values, the song never goes up to 404 BPM and the song starts with 151.5 BPM, then speed up to 303 BPM in 3/4 time. The slowest end is 50.5. (151.5 (3/4)-303-101(4/4)-202-101-202-50.5)
    • 101-202-404 was revealed to be an alias of Ice.
    • This song is likely a successor to 小悪魔の遊園地, a song by 光吉猛修の弟.References