Until the Blue Moon Rises
双龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon-
Daisuke Ohnuma
Like Asian Spirit
雙龍飛閃-Dual Dragoon-.png
Character Graff.J
VOEZ Collection VI
BPM 212 Length 2:00
Other games


Version 3.8 Cover Art KAI
Difficulty Max Combo Chart Design
EASY 5 358 ???
HARD 9 770 ???
CHAOS 15 1203 ???
GLITCH Not available Not available ???

Unlock Requirement

  • Purchase the song pack "VOEZ Collection VI" in the CAPSO! Store.


  • The Chaos chart is unique in that it has normal drags turning into click-drags in the middle of the chain.
  • A glitch upon thew release of Ver 3.8 made this song available without unlocking VOEZ Collection VI. This was fixed in a subsequent update.


Song List

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