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∅ (Slit)
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∅ (Slit) I
Icon Artist EBICO Genre Piano Techno
Vocal N/A Cover Art No Info Chart Design No Info
Number 8-4 Difficulty Max Combo
Length 1:50 Easy 6 576
BPM 165-247.5 Hard 9 696


Cytus - Slit O

Cytus - Slit O


  • This song is hidden. To access it, go to ∅ (Slit) in the song selection and slide through the circle from upper left to lower right and the red circular rim should appear.
    • This part of the song was composed by EBICO only, while the other part, Slit I was composed by jioyi only.

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Easy Hard
5.0 6 9

Note StatisticsEdit

  • Click notes
    299 on Easy (51.91%), 413 on Hard (59.34%)
  • Hold notes
    40 on Easy (6.94%), 50 on Hard (7.18%)
  • Drag notes
    237 on Easy (41.15%), 233 on Hard (33.48%)


  • This song is the continuation of ∅ (Slit).
  • This song technically has a three-finger hold note at the end, although the notes aren't aligned, unlike Halcyon and Holy Knight.
  • This song has an easter egg, which is drag notes and click notes form the cycon of this song, ∅.

Helpful InfoEdit

This is my favorite part of Slit. I love how this song is different fron the other two, and this song sounds really epic too, with a fun-to-play chart and the right amount of difficulty. That left drag-right click combination still serves as my main problem in this song until now.
— Basic1234
The slides get me every time, you need great coordination, and at the end, you have the right triple left triple right triple left triple right triple left slide left triple right slide repeat.
— MrGZJcool's a hard song. Keep calm, and don't lose your grip when you're doing the slides. On a good day, I'm able to keep my combo all the way to the triple tap/slider combos, those just kill me.
— WheatyTruffles
This song is a hard song but if you know the pattern, getting an 'A' or a 'S' should be a piece of cake.
— SerialNo30000324
Dat Killer Tho!
— CookiesNWaffles
Like the commenter above, it is a very hard killer for people without coordination.But the piano in this song is amazing!
— DropletKloud
Darn I got S in both this and Slit I, but here I only have 1 miss. Gotta review the killer three rapid notes and slides. although I can't treat these slides as taps.
— Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal
I MMed this song... and I can't even MM Slit I yet, For the beginning , try to click fast before sliding. The Hold+slide requires concentration (and coordination, of course!). Treat slide drags as click notes and just go triple spam works for me. Though xD.
— KuwamotoMisuke
Other than the triple taps + drag killer, I have some trouble with the Ø shape. Coordinations needed where the lead piano turns into 3/4.
— Sakusam

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