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Cytus - Slit Ø

Difficulty Changelog[]

Version Easy Hard
4.0 4 7
4.5 3 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    305 on Easy (90.24%), 455 on Hard (79.55%)
  • Hold notes
    21 on Easy (6.21%), 17 on Hard (2.97%)
  • Drag notes
    12 on Easy (3.55%), 100 on Hard (17.48%)


  • This song is one of the three songs with 2 alternate versions. The others are L and Entrance.
  • It's possible to transfer the red start ring (which indicates that it's a hidden song) to the adjacent songs (Laplace and Morpho) through a Glitch. Although, the affected song will play as normal.
  • The two girls on the cover are named Olivia and Isabelle. The original story of the song can be found here (In Chinese).
  • Put together, the entire song would have 2072 notes on hard (excluding 16 during transitions), which is one note short of L3: Roar, On The Deserted Lands.

Helpful Info[]

The cover art suggests Slit could be a story as in civil war. The battle between two... What will become of the two of them? Turn to the next page, Slit (Ver.B) to find out. The previous page you'd read is Slit (Ver.A). I'm telling you in general. Slit I is more of disoriented patterns, while Slit O is more of rushing through. Still, the triple-note and drag groups...


This can be one of the easier Lv8s if you can find the rhythm. Follow it and the MM will be yours.


Waaait... Doesn't this letter  and the illustration look similar???


I once hated this song because of its hardness when I played 4.5. when I updated and find out there are hidden songs of this, I soon like it. The hidden songs still match the original and truly depicts each character (Isabelle and Olivia).

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

Isabell and Olivia...sounds like Iris and Rosabel...This song is not hard. And the empty mind for this song...


I have created a little story for Slit. Isabelle might have ruled a kingdom, and made the slash to separate the kingdom from the world, thus creating the I part of the song. Then Olivia comes in and threatens Isabelle. This made the combination of slash and circle. But Isabelle runs away, and Olivia rules the kingdom. This creates the final part, Slit O.


This song may not be that hard, but it has its load of trickiness. Watch out for the drags ending with a hold at the dubstep-ish part. Otherwise, I really like how different the vibes are on the three variants of Slit and the actually strong relation they have with each other.