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This page contains story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Æsir is a DJ who suddenly gained popularity on the social networking service iM, he is well-known for his attacks on the cyTus infrastructure's users. During his first major concert, ÆsirFest, he managed to wipe the memories of all connected users after the show ended. After, he attacked one of NEKO's streams and managed to disrupt iM service for a little while. The primary protagonists believe him to be responsible for the reoccurring drone attacks and later the ARCII attacks.

Identity and Motive[]

Æsir's true identity is revealed to be Ivy(more information here) and the motive for her attacks is to wake up Vanessa as she is unconscious. By erasing memories Ivy collects emotional samples which she can use to create a small scale Cytus matrix. With this Cytus matrix Vanessa's emotions can be synchronized and she will temporarily regain control of her emotional state. After seeing the ramifications of the Æsir attacks on humanity, Ivy heavily reconsiders the morality of continuing to attack humanity just to save Vanessa. The primary catalysts for this change of heart are interactions with Miles Durand and Vivian Rose.


  • Æsir is considered the main antagonist of Cytus II v1.0 through v2.0.
  • The identity of "Æsir" was permanently deleted when Ivy broke into the OS Space from the cyTus Server on 702_12_29.
  • Despite being a pivotal story character, Æsir is technically not playable.