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Cytus Lambda - ¡Azucar!


  • This song is available earlier in the Lambda version of Cytus. 

Difficulty Change log[]

Version Easy Hard
1.0 (Lambda) 3 8

Note Statistics[]

  • Click notes
    253 on Easy (92.34%), 544 on Hard (95.44%)
  • Hold notes
    21 on Easy (7.66%), 26 on Hard (4.56%)
  • Drag notes
    0 on Easy (0.00%), 0 on Hard (0.00%)


  • "Azucar" means "sugar" in Spanish.
  • The title card may look explicit, but it shows that Brazilian female dancers wear those types of clothing.
  • This song has no drag notes on both difficulties.
  • The Spanish bridge at the start of the song is "Bolandoda Colando, Ariba La Murya, Y Colowodo Cho! Arianté Abadia Loco!".
  • The font used in the cover art bears a similarity to the Sega logo.

Helpful Info[]

Naw, this is one cover art with explicits. I still find the song pretty fun to listen and play to, as it sounds very like Brazilian styled, an exception in Cytus. The chart is pretty fun to try and get TP on too.


Wow bebé maravilloso! Me encanta esta música, Existe una Saika japonés!

Sofia Xerneas-Yveltal

Football commentary, I think? Rush notes make this song a lvl8


Translation to SXY: Wow Groovy Baby! I love this music, A Japanese Saika! Anyway, it's a really simple Lv8 that needs timing.


I can see that many people don't like the cover art, neither do I. (=.=) It's a disappointment since xcanner's cover arts for Set Free, Skuld, and Reverence look really good. But I love the music. (^^) Rabpit forever!!!